June 21, 2016

GAME GOLF Featured on GRAA Top 25 Teaching & Training Aids List


San Francisco, June 21, 2016 – The award-winning golf shot tracker, GAME GOLF LIVE, added to its accolades as one of the best pieces of new gear for your game in 2016. The Golf Range Association of America (GRAA) recently issued its annual list of “2016 Top 25 Teaching and Training Aids.” GAME GOLF LIVE is the only wearable, real-time shot-tracker to make this year’s list.

GAME GOLF LIVE is totally new technology and the only shot tracker that is allowed in competition play under the Rules of Golf issued by the USGA and R&A and is being used by golf professional, Maria Verchenova, to train for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Makers of GAME GOLF LIVE recently announced two major upgrades that squarely put the device at the top of the technological pack when it comes to analyzing your game the way the pros do.

“When golfers immediately see what happens to their shots on their phones, smart watches or computers,” said GAME GOLF CEO John McGuire, “they gain a whole new understanding of what’s happening on the course. It’s also a great way to make the most of coaching sessions to shave strokes off student’s games. We are so glad that GRAA recognizes the power of technology to help people become better players.”

GAME GOLF LIVE uses an updated wearable GPS device that communicates with feather-light sensor tags attached to the top of the grip on each club and an integrated software platform that automatically tracks and captures performance data, in real-time. GAME GOLF LIVE has a powerful rangefinder; and data from every shot, including putts, is instantly displayed on your iOS or Android phone and on your smart watch. On courses where you can’t use your phone, the information connects to the device; and you can see it on the 19th hole. Strokes Gained Analysis compares your play to that of a scratch golfer with robust metrics off the tee, on approach shots, during the short game and for putting. The system proactively gives you TIPS that will pinpoint improvement opportunities.

GAME GOLF LIVE has a new feature that not only helps golfers track more accurate putting stats from specific pin placements, but also helps other golfers who will play the same course on the same day. The new Pin Placement feature allows golfers to select the edit button on their phones, zoom in on each green and drag the pin to its precise location, resulting in putting stats that are 100 percent accurate on every green. This feature now allows next players to play the course on the same day to see automatically accurate pin placements so they can truly plan their game strategies. The new feature also allows for precise adjustment of ball locations on the green relative to the pin, further enhancing the accuracy of the data. The pin placement feature is currently available on iOS (iPhone) platforms and coming very soon to Android systems.

The second upgrade is the new Auto Hole-Switching feature that works more smoothly and handles multiple golf situations better than other competing devices. With this feature, GAME GOLF LIVE tracks a golfer’s movements from hole to hole, automatically updating the system. With this upgrade, the system will truly operate in real time, the whole time you are on the course. Auto Hole-Switching is live on both Android and iOS (iPhone) platforms.

GAME GOLF LIVE is specially priced at $199 US MSRP through June 30 at GAMEGOLF.com, in golf specialty shops and more than 800 green grass pro shops; and on #AmazonLaunchpad.

For more information or to view videos of GAME GOLF in action, visit GAMEGOLF.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @GAMEGOLF and on Instagram at @GAME_GOLF, #GAMEGOLF.

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