April 26, 2018

Gallus Golf Delivers Custom Driving Range Golf GPS app

In their latest software update, Gallus Golf has brought their widely used golf gps technology to the driving range. This new feature has been highly anticipated among its partnered golf clubs as it provides exact yardage to range targets for golfers at any location, when using their golf club app. Whether a club has range mats one week, and grass tees thirty yards away another week, golfers now have easy access to their specific distance to a target.

Golf GPS technology has become an important tool for players to gauge distance and improve their scores. Global industry trends show there will be exponential growth for golf GPS technology and devices by 2025. We have seen in recent years the influx of golf rangefinder devices averaging in price of $179, and even as much as $500. Now, golfers of Gallus’ partnered courses, can access this same technology on the driving range for free.

Gallus Golf CEO, Jason Wilson, says, “So many of our course clients have told us that their customers & members absolutely love having real time distances to targets on the driving range. It is just another way clubs can use technology to improve the on-course experience for customers. Our team at Gallus is always excited to find new ways to help our clients deliver additional value at the course.”

About Gallus Golf
Gallus Golf is a world leader in the golf industry marketing world and is widely known for
launching custom branded mobile apps for golf courses, having currently 700+ courses utilizing
their technology. The Gallus Golf team is located in the San Diego, CA headquarters. To learn
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