April 23, 2014

Full Swing Golf Debuts Ion2 Vision Technology

Golf simulator leader, Full Swing Golf, announces that Ion2 Vision Technology is shipping with all new simulator installations.

Ion2 Vision Technology

Ion2, a small device designed to focus solely on club head and ball flight behavior, is an an all-new camera-based technology that displays vital information to any golfer hitting in Full Swing Golf simulators. With a sleek, thin profile that mounts almost flush with the simulator ceiling, the unit runs both cool and silent above the golfer to enhance the already unrivaled Full Swing golfing experience.

“We are proud to debut our latest tracking advancement, our proprietary Ion2 Vision Technology,” says Chad Coleman, Vice President of Sales for Full Swing Golf. “A third-generation tracking system enhancement, we are very pleased with the reception of the product launch at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show. The Ion2’s thin profile casing is machined from a single anodized aluminum unibody shell. The unit is also silent and easy on the eyes, utilizing our fan-less proprietary LED circuitry. Beyond the hardware enhancements, the new software driving the camera is more intelligent and feature-rich. Some of my favorite features of the Ion2 are its field of vision and auto alignment capabilities. Most competing camera solutions require that you hit from the same 4-6 inch spot on the mat; the Ion2’s field of view is an 18-inch diameter. Ion2 finds your ball and automatically adjusts the target line within the software. Our customers can drop their ball on the mat, and then the software finds it and dials in the target. Now every shot gets optimum performance.”

Ion2 Vision Technology gives you clubhead speed, clubface angle, club path information  and extensive ball spin data, with an intuitive on-screen illustration of your club, so you can better understand your swing, your equipment choices and shot decisions. And with accurate and realistic ball flight accuracy, Ion2 shows your ball path shaped exactly as if it were outdoors.

About Full Swing Golf

Full Swing Golf is located in San Diego, California and manufactures and markets the leading indoor golf simulator to businesses and consumers worldwide. The diverse line of simulators and performance products can be customized to fit the needs of various clientele, including golf professionals, retail businesses, residential communities, luxury resorts, teaching facilities, golf centers and homeowners.

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