June 18, 2013

Fujikura Releases Limited Edition Fuel Shaft in Red, White and Blue as Part of its Win a Piece of History Promotion on its Mobile Fitting App

-Press Release, Vista, Calif.

Beyond Fujikura’s winning reputation on tour, the Fujikura FUEL golf shaft continues to dominate the buzz surrounding the best equipment upgrades available in 2013 . Fujikura released a limited edition (numbered to 150) FUEL shaft in Red, White and Blue, which was a hot conversation topic amongst fans during the 113th US Open this past weekend, as they offered fans the chance to win the limited edition shaft through the “Win a Piece of History” promotion within their mobile fitting app.

Fujikura Marketing Manager, Stephanie Hartgraves, explains how the FUEL promotions are supporting a much larger initiative to support the growth of the industry through the education on the importance of custom fitting, “Most golf companies strive to be #1 on tour because we all count on the pyramid of influence and the trickle down effect of having wins on tour. Fujikura is fortunate to be in a position where our established reputation on tour has allowed us to stay true to our fitting heritage and create products and promotions that are specifically aimed at helping the rest of the golf community play better golf! We launched the Fujikura mobile fitting app to give golfers of all abilities the ability to learn more about the benefits of custom fitting and the impact that the shaft can make in the overall performance of the golf club. We are honored to have the reputation as the ‘Winningest Shaft on Tour’, but it is a priority of ours to stay true to our heritage and make a high performance shaft for every level of player.”

A recent Golf Week study confirmed that a majority of core golfers (68.7%) rate the shaft as being the most important component of the golf club (club head was rated second and grips were rated third most important).

“These survey results are refreshing to read, as we like to think of the shaft as being the engine of the club and this was a key driver in the development of the FUEL campaign.” Says Hartgaves. “The FUEL’s success on tour and our network of Charter Dealers have been key facilitators in our efforts to help grow the industry through our custom fitting initiatives.”

About the FUEL
FUEL can be defined as material with stored energy that can later be used to generate power. Just like a high performance engine that burns high-octane fuel for more horsepower and torque, your shaft can perform the same way – using advanced technology as its fuel. With FUEL, you can see where your energy is coming from through our proprietary FUEL ROD TECHNOLOGY, created with a COMBUSTION CHAMBER and LOAD INJECTOR TIP. FUEL uniquely utilizes this technology to generate greater distance and accuracy on a more consistent basis. With this shaft, your power is on display for everyone to see.

About Fujikura
Fujikura is also the primary supplier to many national club brands offering both proprietary and brand product shaft designs. Fujikura products also can be custom fit through its network of over 900 Charter Dealers. Custom fit shafts are used by 100% of Tour professionals. Amateur and everyday golfers also have the opportunity to find a shaft to fit their unique swing profile – adding yards, tighter dispersion and more confidence to their swing. The first step to a custom fit shaft can be done right from your iPhone or Android. The Fujikura Fitting Application for iPhone, iPad and Android fits you to one of Fujikura’s shaft families. Then, the fitting is completed at a Fujikura Charter Dealer.

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Stephanie Hartgraves