December 6, 2016

Fourteen Golf Launches New TC-544FG Forged Irons

Premier club designer and manufacturer Fourteen Golf today officially launched its new TC-544FG forged irons designed to couple the benefits of extreme distance with the soft feel of a forged iron.

The TC-544FG irons feature a deep undercut cavity and strong lofts to provide maximum forgiveness and distance for players of all skill levels, according to Masashi Kamoda, chief operating officer of Fourteen Golf.

“Fourteen Golf is proud to introduce today our new TC-544FG irons, which will provide golfers with clubs that will give them added distance along with the softer feel they can only get in a forged club – and, most importantly, to help them enjoy the game more,” Kamoda said.

The TC-544FG irons have a mid-size club head with offset and a thin blade, which gives the club a sharp appearance and enables the face to sit perfectly square to the target at address. The width of the sole leads to clean impact and reduces misses no matter the lie, Kamoda said.

“Our goal at Fourteen Golf is to make clubs that the discerning golfer as well as the weekend golfer both can use to play their best and to enjoy swinging whenever they’re on the golf course,” Kamoda said.

The new head design generates increased ball speed, leading to greater distance. Meanwhile, the cavity back provides the large sweet spot, which helps compensate for off-center hits.

The MSRP for TC-544FG irons in sets of 5-iron through Pitching Wedge is $1,200. A P/A wedge is available for $200. Irons are available at and at Fourteen Golf retail partners.

A premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality golf clubs, Fourteen Golf has been part of 70 professional victories since 2010.