August 19, 2013

Fourteen Golf Introduces New FH-1000FG Forged Irons

-Press Release, Irvine, Calif.

FOURTEEN GOLFjpeg, a global leader in wedge and iron design with over 58 professional tour victories, announced today that the company will be introducing the new FH-1000FG Forged Irons, their first set of forged blades, at the upcoming 2013 PGA Expo Demo Night on Monday, August 19, 2013 at the Las Vegas Golf Center.

According to FOURTEEN GOLF COO Marcy Kamoda, “These exquisite FH-1000FG forged blades were developed for professionals, low handicappers or those seeking the ultimate in playability. Golfers of this caliber can maximize the advantage of the muscle back design and will appreciate their workability.”

The “Reverse Muscle Back Design” in the FH-1000FG Forged Irons provides stability in the club head movement. The upper blade portion is slightly thicker with additional weighting distributed on the upper part of the club head as well. These blades allow the golfer to hit any type of shot in any type of situation without having to worry about distance control. Overall shot quality is also improved.

“The FOURTEEN GOLF team of engineer’s goal was to use the muscle back design for easy spin control while improving shot consistency and the CG placement provides a perfect ball flight,” added Kamoda.

Modern golf ball characteristics include low spin on long shots and higher spin performance for short shots. To accommodate these traits the FH-1000FG long irons feature a relatively lower CG which allows the ball to launch higher and land softly on the green. In comparison, the FH-1000FG short irons have a relatively higher CG so when a golfer strikes the ball aggressively the ball does not have a weak launch but has an aggressive flight toward the pin.jpeg-1

The R&D group matched the CG distance on the FG-1000FG Forged Irons with the tour model driver. This positioning of the CG helps the transition from a driver to an iron which promotes the golfer to swing at the same tempo and also obtain better shot consistency.

The FG-1000FG Forged Irons have a straight neck shape with a minimized off-set. This sleek shape allows the golfer to better visualize the club contacting the ball. Additionally, it allows the golfer to imagine a clear launch line.

The FG-1000FG Forged Iron set is available in #3-Iron through a Pitching Wedge. The classically inspired high performance head is manufactured from a soft S25C iron and is elegantly finished in a pearl satin finish.

FOURTEjpeg-2EN GOLF will showcase its new equipment line including the FH-1000FG Forged Irons on Monday, August 19th at the PGA Expo Demo Night at the Las Vegas Golf Center. To demo FOURTEEN GOLF equipment during the 2013 PGA Expo Demo Night visit the driving range and look for the FOURTEEN GOLF wing banners.

FOURTEEN GOLF is a burgeoning golf equipment company that takes great pride in their tour program. The company proudly announced the addition of PGA Professional John Mallinger to the FOURTEEN GOLF Professional Staff in January of 2013. He will play both the RM-11 and RM-12 Wedges as well as wear a FOURTEEN GOLF cap. His staff bag, head covers, umbrella and towel will all display the FOURTEEN GOLF logo.

Last year, FOURTEEN GOLF officially signed Japanese golfing prodigy and PGA Professional Ryuji Imada to a three year endorsement deal which includes a staff bag, head covers, hat, umbrella and wedges. He joins FOURTEEN GOLF team members PGA Professionals Chad Collins and Arjun Atwal.

For more information on FOURTEEN GOLF call 949-852-8811 or visit the company website at For media information, please contact Vanessa Price at 714-544-6515 or at or Tracy Nackel at 760-420-1602 or at