July 20, 2017

Forever Better Golf Inc. Releases New Pro-Head 2 Trainer Video

FOREVER BETTER GOLF INC. dba PRO-HEAD GOLF, releases a new video showing the versatility of the new PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer (PH2T). The original model of the PRO-HEAD Trainer, introduced in 2012, quickly sold out the initial inventory. Pros, Teachers and Instructors, as well as the hundreds of users of the original model, offered their suggestions for improvement for the trainer and the PH2T was introduced in December of 2016.

Bob Doyle, President of FOREVER BETTER GOLF INC. stated: “we were so encouraged by the acceptance, positive reviews and swing improvements of the original model, that we felt had to satisfy the demand for the new and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer.” Dave Tutelman, VP Engineering, incorporated several improvements into the new design. A new video showing “Six Ways To Use the PH2T” was recently released. It can be seen here. youtube.com/watch?v=Szgv7laHCtU

Zack Anderton , Lead Instructor at the Okeeheelee Golf Course in W. Palm Beach, FL. found even other ways to use the PH2T. By removing the Foam Hitting Attachment and replacing it with a foam pool tube, the PH2T can offer feedback to golfers for Swinging on plane; for eliminating the outside-in casting from the top; and even helping with the take-away.

Users are beginning to recognize that the PH2T may be the ONLY training aid they will ever need to correct every aspect of their swing. They can eliminate faulty head movements, using the Foam Hitting Attachment, as originally designed. By lowering the Height Strut to hip level, they can eliminate swaying. And they can get positive feedback for left (or lead) hip movement to start their transition. By using the Hat Attachment, users can learn to keep a perfectly still head, necessary for putting, chipping and pitching.

The PH2T is an all-inclusive full swing training aid that may be the only aid ever needed by ALL golfers, ALL skill levels, ALL ages, ALL body builds, male and female, left and right handed.

About Our Company: FBGI was founded in 2012 primarily to introduce its patented PRO-HEAD TRAINER to golfers in the US, to help them maintain their spine angles and learn to keep their heads behind the ball through impact. The original model sold out completely, as golfers from the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, China and Australia also bought the product and improved their swings. In Dec. 2016 FBGI introduced the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer and will enter the global market through Internet Retailers as well as through stocking distributors around the world. To learn more, visit foreverbettergolf.com.

Bob Doyle
Forever Better Golf Inc.