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January 3, 2017

Forever Better Golf Inc. Launches a New Website

FOREVER BETTER GOLF INC. introduces its new website at foreverbettergolf.com to complement the launch of the new, improved and highly versatile PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer (PH2T). The original PRO-HEAD Trainer was introduced to the US market in 2011 and it completely sold out its initial inventory. The new unit is now available for immediate shipment to golfers, Pros, Instructors, Teachers, Schools, Colleges, Driving Ranges, Golf Courses and Fitness Centers.

The updated website has videos from Martin Hall and Lou Guzzi, both former PGA National Teachers of the Year that demonstrate the usage and versatility of the PRO-HEAD Trainers. Lou not only shows how the PH2T works like a “mechanical Jack Grout,” he also shows how it can be used for pitching, chipping and putting. By setting the height strut to one of its new 3 lower holes on the lower pole, that which best aligns with the golfer’s butt, Lou shows how the unit can be used as a Butt Block, or as Lou calls it Total Tuche Control (TTC).

The 54 inch high unit, weighing only 16 pounds is so user friendly it can be used anywhere, indoors or out, with or without a club and with or without hitting real or plastic balls. The unit easily assembles in four minutes or less. An assembly video is included on the website to complement the Set Up Instructions included and shipped with each unit.

Drop down menus include information on:
– “Why the PRO-HEAD Trainer Works,” a documentation of the history behind the invention
– Published articles on maintaining the spine angle
– Articles on the importance of keeping one’s head behind the ball through impact
– Videos of touring pros and other golfers
– Testimonials from Teaching Pros like Dom DeJulia, Tommy Jaeger, Jake Zastko
– Testimonials from buyers and users of the original unit as well as users of the new unit.

Bob Doyle, President invites golfers, Pros, Teachers and anyone who has an interest in helping golfers improve their swings and lower their scores to visit the new site and to let him know what you think.

About Our Company: FBGI was founded in 2011 primarily to introduce its patented PRO-HEAD TRAINER to golfers in the US, to help them maintain their spine angles and learn to keep their heads behind the ball through impact. The original model sold out completely as golfers from the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, China and Australia also bought the product and improved their swings. FBGI will enter the global market in 2017 through Internet Retailers as well as through stocking distributors around the world. To learn more, visit foreverbettergolf.com.

Bob Doyle
Forever Better Golf Inc.