January 15, 2014

Foresight Sports Announces GC2-K Performance Kiosk

Foresight Sports, the company that introduced the revolutionary GC2 launch monitor to the golf market, is pleased to announce a new line of products squarely aimed at helping players and consumers “Get in the Game”.

Built around the same technology found in its hugely successful GC2 and HMT products, Foresight Sports’ latest product offerings includes the GC2-K Performance Kiosk, an all-in-one indoor/outdoor touchscreen kiosk with embedded GC2 technology. The GC2-K, in conjunction with the company’s new line of cloud-compatible, 4k resolution gaming and skill-building software called FSX, is squarely aimed at enticing non-golfers to “Get in the Game.”

“Our GC2-K Performance Kiosk and new FSX software are a direct reflection of our vision to grow the game from the outside in,” says Foresight Sports President Scott Werbelow. “Both products are designed to offer a game-changing experience not only for the serious golfer, but for the individual that hasn’t had the opportunity to see how fun golf can be.

The new GC2-K Performance Kiosk is a sleek, indoor/outdoor device designed to fit in any environment from outdoor driving ranges to indoor gaming facilities. Its large, high-definition touchscreen allows users to engage in a wide range of activities, including multiplayer virtual golf on world-renown courses; game-building skills challenges; and online long-drive and closest-to-the-pin competitions via the company’s new FSX software (short for ‘Foresight Sports eXperience’). Beyond a completely new, true-to-life graphics engine that supports 4K resolution, Foresight Sports’ new FSX software also lets users create cloud-based player profiles for saving scores and evaluating both daily peer rankings and ongoing personal performance.

According to Werbelow, the company’s new “Get in the Game” theme is apparent in everything Foresight Sports has developed to date, including the company’s tremendously successful GC2 and HMT products. “Delivering solutions to golfers that are unmatched in accuracy, reliability and cost has been good for everyone. Now, with the GC2-K Kiosk, we’re focused on growing the game further by giving both golfers and non-golfers a tool that makes golf a challenging and engaging entertainment experience.”

Foresight Sports will be showcasing its new line of performance-focused solutions at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. Attendees can try out the new GC2K Performance Kiosk and FSX software at outdoor demo day and at booth #1743 and ETC #6. The company will also have its Performance Simulation solutions prominently showcased in several major equipment manufacturers’ booths – including PING and Callaway Golf – as a core part of their new product and club fitting demonstrations.

The 2014 PGA Merchandise Show kicks off with Outdoor Demo Day on January 21 at the Orange County National Golf Center in Orlando, Florida. Exhibit halls open at the Orange County Convention Center January 22-24.

Ashlie Martin