January 17, 2022

FAIRWAYiQ Partners with CalAmp on Game-Changing Handheld GPS Device for Golf Course Operators to Monitor Pace of Play and Location of Caddies and Walkers

January 17, 2021 – Waltham, MA – FAIRWAYiQ, the golf industry leader in golf course analytics and management technology, has partnered with CalAmp to deliver an advanced handheld GPS device that is used by golf courses to monitor, track, optimize walker and caddie rounds, and manage staff.  The handheld device has a battery that lasts days on a single charge, is IP67 water protection rated, and charges on a wireless mat instead of wires.

“FAIRWAYiQ has done it again and delivered a superior handheld unit unlike anything else in the market.  The wireless charging is convenient and simple, requiring no wires.  The units are durable which we need given the use they get on the golf course.  We continue to be impressed by FAIRWAYiQ’s ability to innovate and deliver a quality system at a fair price.”, says Michael Scott of The Polo Club of Boca Raton, Florida.

“Our handheld GPS tracker elevates the monitoring of caddies and walkers like no others in the golf market. This device makes managing location, pace, and staff locations so much easier.  The reliability, weather proofing, long battery life, and accuracy are unparalleled in the golf industry.”, says Dave Vanslette, Founder and CEO of FAIRWAYiQ.  “The handheld device complements our full line of cart and equipment trackers that focus on reliability, durability and performance.  Our goal is to make everything easier for our customers so they can achieve the most value from our system without any extra work.”

“Many customers have a mix of GPS devices to monitor play, optimize the flow of the golf course and show location so they can raise the bar on the player experience.” explains Chuck Rogers, Head of Customer Success at FAIRWAYiQ.  “Rounds at many facilities have exploded over the past few years which has only increased the need to monitor all types of play.”

“FAIRWAYiQ’s location intelligence platform exemplifies what’s possible with the convergence of telematics, edge computing and the cloud. We are excited to see such innovative thinking and how our connected intelligence platform can be leveraged to deliver value to golf course operators, and even more excited that our telematics platform proved once again it can track anything that moves,” said Jeff Clark, senior vice president of product management, CalAmp.



FAIRWAYiQ’s golf course analytics and management technology optimize golf and turf operations by managing everything that moves on the golf course.  GPS sensor technology is used across carts, walkers, caddies, maintenance equipment, operators, and tasks.  We use locational intelligence, data and analytics to protect the turf from increased cart traffic, improve the pace of play, reduce wait time, improve the player experience, reduce costs and increase revenue at golf course facilities of all types including private clubs, golf communities, resorts, and public facilities.

Trusted by leading golf courses, resorts, and golf communities since 2015.  Trusted by hundreds like:  Troon, Parkland Golf & Country Club, Vanderbilt Country Club, The Polo Club, Secession Golf Club, Foxtail Golf Club, Pinnacle Peak Country Club, Cherry Creek Country Club, Vineyard Golf Club, Boston Golf Club, Comanche Trace, Independence Golf Club, Advance Golf Partners, Woodbridge Golf Club, Town of Oyster Bay Golf Course, Sandy Run Golf Club, Sun City Summerlin, Potomac Shores, Haggin Oaks and many more.

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