February 14, 2014

EyePutter Golf Introduces New Training Aid

For golfers seeking a lower handicap, the best place to start is on the green—not the tee. With spring golf just around the corner, PGA Golf Professional Rob Roy announces the launch of the EyePutter, a new training aid for golfers that teaches proper putting technique and helps golfers learn to read a putt by standing over it, so they can see the line every time.

Last year, the United States Golf Association and PGA tour banned the anchored putting stroke, starting in 2016. This type of stroke allowed golfers to use an extended putter anchored against a part of the body to assist in stability. Because of the ban, golfers using long putters and belly putters will need to go back to using a traditional stroke. The EyePutter can help these golfers get the same level of play from a traditional putting stroke they’ve been getting with an anchored stroke.

According to Rob Roy, 13-year PGA pro and EyePutter founder, the EyePutter helps golfers master two of his own keys to successful putting: muscle memory and confidence. It is designed to help golfers build the muscle memory necessary for proper putting and develop the confidence to strike through the ball, promoting topspin and a clean line.

“Golf is a game of inches. A slight adjustment can mean the difference between a ten foot putt for birdie and a two-putt for par,” Roy said. “Too much focus is put on redesigning drivers to get a good start off the tee. While this is important, the goal in golf will always be to finish with the lowest score, so golfers should spend more time focused on putting. To lower a handicap, the best place to start is on the green—not the tee. The EyePutter helps golfers master proper technique for grip, stance and stroke, and more importantly, teaches them to read a putt by standing over it, so they’ll see the line every time.”

EyePutter components and advantages:
1. A level which helps train golfers to keep the putter blade square with the ground—eliminating the tendency to pull or push putts.

2. A mirror that trains golfers to keep their eyes on a spot instead of looking at the cup, which opens up the body and ruins mechanics. This ensures a golfer is on the line, and focused strictly on technique.

3. The EyePutter gives golfers the confidence needed to strike through the ball completely to avoid leaving putts short—the number one problem for people who aren’t sure of their putting.

As a supplement, PGA Pro Rob Roy has recorded a series of short training videos that come free with EyePutter purchases. The videos demo how golfers should use the EyePutter to improve technique, and ultimately, scores.

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About Rob Roy and EyePutter:
Rob began his PGA career as an Assistant Golf Professional at the prestigious Sawgrass Country Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Not one to waste time, Rob completed his apprenticeship in the minimum number of months allowed by the PGA. Rob then spent the majority of his PGA career as the head Golf Professional at a private equity club in southwest Florida where he became a highly sought after instructor.

Rob built a reputation as an instructor that wasn’t afraid to “go against the grain” of traditional teaching methods to help his students. In no aspect of the game was this more evident than in the art of putting. Rob’s years of putting research not only transformed his game, but the games of his students as well.

Rob recognized the ability of the EyePutter to develop muscle memory and confidence, two of his keys to successful putting. Rob has recorded a series of short videos that come free with the EyePutter, teaching you how to use the EyePutter to improve your grip, stance, stroke and most importantly, your scores.