January 14, 2014

Exsite Golf Inc. Launches I Towel2 Bag Towel at the PGA Show

Exsite Golf Inc. founder and CEO Chris ( Kit ) Cieri for the third time has brought a new and intriguing product into the accessory category. A little over 5 years ago, the “Brush Caddy” a stand alone club cleaning device that allows players to clean 90-95% of the debris from their clubface after each and every shot while warming up at the range was introduced. Last year, the breakout of The “Original” Tour Towel, a line of 23 assorted microfiber golf towels that takes the shape of an hourglass was presented on the PGA Showroom floor, and now, The I Towel2 Bag Towel. “We had so much material left over from the manufacturing process of the “Original Tour Towel”, we weren’t going to just let it go to waste” Chris comments. Exsite Golf Inc. prides itself by creating items that seem to be outside the box sort of say. By combining the two remaining pieces together with a solid fabric band down the middle and attaching a grommet to the end, they have created the only Microfiber bag towel that is not in the shape of a square or rectangle. This towel drapes perfectly from the mouth of your bag and will certainly catch your eye. The I Towel2 Bag Towel is extremely light weight and has the potential of being the next cost efficient gift bag item for all your events. Much the same as its bigger brother, this towel carries all the same positive attributes to the player as does the “Original”. A solid cleaning towel, great absorbtion characteristics and uniquely attractive in both a 29″ and 41″ lengths. The I Towel II will also be on display in the New Product Section for viewing prior to visiting Booth 2810. Wholesale cost… (29″) $3.60, (41″) $5.60

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Chris Cieri