May 16, 2014

Erika Larkin: Offer Supervised Practice Sessions

erika-larkinErika Larkin, the 2012 Middle Atlantic PGA Section Teacher of the Year and one of Golf Digest’s 2012 Best Young Teachers (Top 40 under 40), is the PGA director of instruction at Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia.

Erika Larkin on the importance of offering supervised practice sessions:
Here at Stonewall Golf Club we have been offering supervised practice sessions five nights a week throughout the spring and summer months on our range. These sessions, held for 45 minutes on weekday evenings, allow golfers the opportunity to receive instruction and learn drills and tips from PGA Professional Jim Steigelman or myself. We focus on different portions of the game, and with classes capped at eight participants each golfer receives individual attention. With no commitment required and walk-up registration recommended, golfers are able to come when it is convenient for them. We charge $15 dollars per session plus the price of range balls.

Erika Larkin on the business impact of offering supervised practice sessions:
Our supervised practice sessions help generate hundreds of dollars of extra revenue each week. Many of our golfers who participate in our practice sessions end up purchasing a private lesson package as a result. It is a great opportunity for participants to meet our PGA Professionals, and allows our club’s newer professionals to network with the golfers and build their lesson book. Golfers who already take private lessons here at Stonewall also will use these practice sessions as a way to stay sharp. These practice sessions have helped us capitalize on golfers who beforehand may have only been using the range or practice facilities. Now that these sessions are offered they are spending more money and more time here at the course, which creates a win-win situation.

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