November 25, 2014

Eric McInerney: Partner With Non-Green Grass Retailers for Clubfitting

Eric-McInerneyEric McInerney, a PGA apprentice, TPI-certified golf fitness instructor and U.S. Kids Golf-certified instructor, is the PGA head professional at McGolf Learning Center in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Eric McInerney on the importance of partnering with non-green grass retailers for clubfitting:
I give approximately six to seven lessons per day, six days per week, most of which are beginners. McGolf does not have a large clubfitting operation nor do beginners generally want to spend a lot on new golf clubs, even if they fit them properly. To combat these obstacles, I formed a partnership with a local non-green grass retailer to buy used golf clubs from at a reduced price from what the public would pay. While I give lessons, I take notes and static measurements for future visits to the retailer. I then purchase used clubs from the retailer and sell them to my students at a slightly higher price. The retailer is happy because they are still making a profit and the clubs I buy aren’t taking up valuable retailing space in their shops. My students also love the new partnership because they are getting nice equipment that fits them for a fraction of the price they would have to pay for new clubs while they are still learning the game.

Eric McInerney on the business impact of partnering with non-green grass retailers for clubfitting:
The partnership I worked out with the local golf retailer to boost my clubfitting business has been an incredible success. I purchase approximately $10,000-$20,000 worth of used clubs per year and still make a healthy profit when reselling them to my students. Many times, my students are so pleased with their clubs they will come back to me and buy more. Additionally, I typically regrip the used clubs, which helps McGolf’s regripping business as well.

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