September 18, 2015

Eric McInerney: Make Introductions to Foster Mentor Programs

Eric McInerneyEric McInerney, a PGA apprentice, TPI-certified golf fitness instructor and U.S. Kids Golf-certified instructor, is the head professional at McGolf Learning Center in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Eric McInerney on the importance of making introductions to foster mentor programs:
As a teaching professional, I find it extremely imperative to connect youth golfers and parents together. Over the last several years I’ve begun to connect my intermediate and advanced level players with new, beginner-level students. While at the range, students and parents will exchange phone numbers and, in doing so, they establish new golfing buddies. My intermediate and advanced level students act as mentors to the beginner level students and tour them around the range, explaining in detail all of our amenities and what the facility offers. Additionally, after practicing at McGolf, on-course practice is once again led by the advanced showing and mentoring my beginner level students.

Eric McInerney on the business impact of making introductions to foster mentor programs:
Throughout the course of a week I will give 40-plus lessons, of which 70 percent are core students and 30 percent are new, beginner level golfers. Since beginning to connect my students at the range I’ve seen a strong increase in participation. Additionally, parents are beginning to take lessons as they see the excitement and fun their children are having playing golf. Start to pair your students and watch the numbers grow!

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