July 19, 2019

Eric Dietz: Add Value With a Limitless Pursuit of Education

Eric Dietz, CCM, CCE, PGA is the Chief Operating Officer at Mountain Lake, in Lake Wales, Florida.

Eric Dietz on the importance of adding value with a limitless pursuit of education:
As PGA Professionals, we understand the important role we play in the golf industry and within golf facilities nationwide. The value we add to employers and members transcends our knowledge of the golf swing or simply running a golf tournament; our presence and business acumen often result in increased revenues, lessons, and the overall success of the facility. To truly be leaders in the game, it is vital to continually learn, grow our knowledge, and broaden our skills and scope, so that when opportunities to advance into Executive-level management roles become available, PGA Professionals will be among the favorites to fill them. Just as our newest golfers are often intimidated, or even afraid to step out of their comfort zone, many PGA Professionals feel the same about stepping to the forefront. Education is vital – I like to say if you’re the smartest person in the room, find another room. This never-ending quest to be better is supported within our PGA Sections and is available to all 29,000 PGA Professionals. Much of this continued learning and career success is facilitated by having a plan. By researching the opportunities available to PGA Professionals, considering the direction you want to take your career, and formulating the method in which you will do so, it becomes clear in what areas you need improvement and further education and/or training. By remaining active professionals, and engaging in Section and National events, along with other industry-related programming provided by the CMAA, GCSAA, NCA, among others, you create a network of individuals and resources through which advancement is expedited. I have always felt it a vital part of our duties to attend seminars, maintain your playing skills to participate in tournaments, and even pursue other opportunities to give back to the PGA and the industry if your schedule and employer demands allow. Through this engagement we become better professionals, better leaders, and even better people in and out of the office.

Eric Dietz on the business impact of adding value with a limitless pursuit of education:
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it can also boost one’s career to new levels and revive others that may have become stagnant or stalled. In this ever-competitive business environment, education is the answer when one asks if the grass is greener on the other side? Pursuing a new skill or increasing your golf and business knowledge makes you a more valuable commodity at your facility, within your Section, and in the industry as a whole. Motivated professionals can attain greatness in ways that inert individuals couldn’t imagine. By bringing added value to your members and customers, you are growing your business across the facility. In addition, this philosophy of learning trickles down to your staff, causing them to pursue greatness just as you have.


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