June 1, 2015

Efficiency, Functionality and Affordability: Teaching Professionals the ES14 Launch Monitor has All Three

Easy to use technology to help you improve as a teacher and help your students improve their game

The Ernest Sports ES14 has transformed the portable launch monitor market space by creating an affordable, accurate and easy to use device that captures clubhead speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rates and total distance.

With Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a free app offering statistical information and audio feedback, the ES14 provides golf professionals with simple and effective technology.

PGA Teaching Professional Shawn Humphries, a Golf MagazineTop-100 Instructor and Golf Range Association of America Top-50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, appreciates the functionality of the ES14. Brandon Stooksbury, PGA director of instruction at the prestigious Idle Hour Club in Macon, Georgia and past Nevada PGA Section Teacher of the Year, touts the mobility of the device. While Deb Vangellow of Riverbend Country Club in Houston, Texas and a GRAA Top-50 Growth of the Game Teaching professional, applauds the great value it provides.


“What I really love about the monitor is its mobility, capability and its ease in operation,” says Humphries. “The product requires no wires or running cables; simply a rechargeable nine-volt battery. Furthermore, it provides all of the necessary information while not overloading operators with too many functions.”

The information provided by the ES14 is easily transmitted to Humphries’ mobile device, giving him clear and instant feedback on his student’s swing. “Information like smash factor, swing speed and spin rates are all extremely important numbers in fitting,” he adds. “It’s nice to see that data without other information or graphics cluttering the screen.”


Three times a year, Humphries’ long-term students go through a process he calls “Blueprinting” with their wedges. “We do this with our players to give them defined yardages and make it easier for them to commit on their scoring shots,” he says. “It’s a critical component, which gives me the ability to optimize my students’ distances in wedge training. The monitor is great for yardage confirmations.

“The ES14 confirms and reinforces the data we are looking for in a defined training segment. When used this way, the monitor is a great reinforcement tool which helps my students lower their scores and, most importantly, enjoy the game more.”


With no wires or plug-in power sources needed, just a rechargeable battery, the ES14 maximizes portability. “This affords me the opportunity to transport the ES14 to various locations when I’m in the field. Whether a par-three tee box or 55 yards greenside, I can always have accurate numbers for students,” says Brandon Stooksbury, the PGA director of instruction at Idle Hour Club in Macon, Georgia (pictured above, center). “For me, the most important numbers are distance confirmation. I tend to have a keen focus on clubhead speed and ball speed, as these two factors equate to consistency and greater distance. Additionally, focusing in on smash factor, which calculates the efficiency of the strike, is greatly important when discussing distance control with wedges and short irons. Ernest Sports has also done a fabulous job with the app as it provides statistical information in a very visually clear and understandable fashion.”

The ES14 has rapidly become a very sought after device not only for all of its simplistic capability, but also the price point. This was an important factor for Deb Vangellow when deciding which device to go with for her teaching business. “This personal launch monitor is exactly the type of technology I was seeking,” says Vangellow. “I needed something that was simple to use, cost effective and accurate. I simply do not have the budget to spending thousands of dollars on a launch monitor. I wanted to embrace and utilize technology, the ES14 is terrific for that without being overwhelming and complicated for us ‘old-schoolers’ to operate.

“My focus and goal with the ES14 is to always provide an accurate picture of how the body and club work together to produce efficient and effective motions that are compatible with who they are and what they can do. Measurements and calculations obtained from the ES14 provide this feedback to students and teachers.” With a vast amount of praise for its capability, simplicity, portability, accuracy and price, the ES14 launch monitor has not only captured the attention of the professional teaching market, but that of the consumer/student market as well, as many serious golf consumers are opting for their own launch monitors to hone their games on their own. The easy to use mobile app completes the circle, making this a device that’s usable by all, regardless of how tech savvy you are. Designed to deliver “critical data instantly, easily and affordably,”the ES14 launch monitor has a smashing factor that has the product moving on an ascending launch angle.