July 10, 2015

Don Siok: Make History With an “Ultimate Demo Day”

don-siokDon Siok is the PGA director of golf at Mays Landing (New Jersey) Golf & Country Club.

Don Siok on the importance of making history with an “Ultimate Demo Day:”
An idea generated in a staff meeting has blossomed into a unique approach to our club’s annual demo day. In celebration of our 55th anniversary, we hosted the “Ultimate Demo Day.” The traditional demo day involving equipment companies bringing in their latest products to test just wasn’t enough for a big year in our history, so this year’s event was supersized with many non-golf related items for sale, attracting vendors selling vehicles, RVs, tractors, fitness equipment and even cell phones.

Don Siok on the importance of making history with an “Ultimate Demo Day:”
We try to think of different things that are innovative and marketable. The key to any business is both of those things. The key is to keep yourself going forward. People notice that. We didn’t charge the vendors for participating or the customers who attended. It’s just another way to introduce people to Mays Landing.

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