September 16, 2016

Dean Kandle: Have a Customizable Coaching Program

dean-kandleDean Kandle is the PGA Head Professional at St. Davids Golf Club in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Dean Kandle on the importance of having a customizable coaching program:
To spur better improvement rates amongst our students and to increase the frequency of lessons, we created the “Golf 180” customizable coaching program. “Golf 180” starts with a full assessment of the player’s game from full swing to putting along with mental game and thought processes on the course. Following the assessment, we build a custom practice program for them to follow during our supervised practice sessions. Two plans are available: The normal plan includes three practice sessions per week, a maximum of ten per month, with the player deciding the length of the program. Sessions, 75 minutes long, are held on a weekday morning, a weekday evening, and a weekend afternoon. Their custom program includes both a full swing and short game portion and players alternate each time they attend a practice. For the coaches, we’re able to help a larger number of players with up to 20 in the program, while only committing to 3 hours and 45 minutes per week. Our flex plan allows players to attend ten sessions during the season, accommodating those who can’t keep a regular schedule.

Dean Kandle on the business impact of having a customizable coaching program:
The normal plan costs $250 per month for a season long commitment, and up to $399 per season for the “flex” option. Through the first five months of this season, we’ve already eclipsed last season’s total in lesson revenue and while “Golf 180” has been a major contributor to that, the additional buzz in instruction overall from the rest of our members has led to an increase in private lessons. As a benefit for the coaches, we bill by the month which creates recurring income that is more dependable. “Golf 180” participants get a 20 percent equipment discount, which has helped increase those sales. Additionally, the students tend to go out and play after the practices, which boost our rounds played and car fee revenues. The additional time on property has led to many staying for dinner, with a spouse meeting them after practice. So create a customizable practice program. It may lead to benefits for all areas of the operation.

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