April 24, 2020

David Plotnik: Implement Range Tee Times

David Plotnik, the 2019 PGA Minnesota Section Private Facility Promoter of the Year, is the PGA Director of Golf at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club, in Lakeville, Minnesota.

David Plotnik on the importance of implementing range tee times:

Last fall, we went through a re-grassing of our greens and fairways, so our golf course won’t open until June. All of the pressure will be on our practice range this spring and the size of our tee cannot accommodate the demand. Not only this, but we are following social distancing and are avoiding congregation. To help us with these challenges, we had an online tee sheet for our members to make tee times for their practice session. The intervals were set to 30 minutes and they could book up to one hour of time a day. The first day we were open we had over 100 members use our range and not once did anyone wait for a spot on the range, nor was there any issue on congregating and social distance.  With the success of the range tee times, we are contemplating using this once we open the course as well.

David Plotnik on the business impact of implementing range tee times:

With the use of tee times on the practice range, we not only accommodated all of our members, we followed the social distancing guidelines without impacting their experience. In many instances, the members were able to order food to go from our restaurant after they were finished. The business impact could grow even more if we continue this method once we fully open up again.


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