December 22, 2015

David Graf: Search for Location “Maximizers”

David-GrafDavid Graf is the co-founder/PGA director of golf at the Golf Performance Institute of Toledo, in Maumee, Ohio.

David Graf on the importance of searching for location “maximizers”:
Being close to the Ohio Turnpike, we attract customers from numerous places, not just locally. We wanted to maximize the benefit our location the best we could, but the Turnpike Commission and municipality are both sensitive about the signage on the road. We had two telephone poles near the turnpike that were 30 feet apart, for our range netting, but had issues with trying to put a sign between the poles because the weight of the sign was an issue. So, while at the PGA Merchandise Show, we searched for products to help maximize our location and the netting that we already had in place. We found that Tex-Net had a device similar to a flagpole that was used to raise signs on the netting structures. This pulley system that Tex-Net has devised was an excellent solution for hanging signage from our two telephone poles near the turnpike. Using Tex-Net’s pulley system, we were able to hang a 10-by-30’ sign from the two poles, which made it very easy to put up and take down.

David Graf on the business impact of searching for location “maximizers”:
As the only heated facility in the Toledo area, we do quite a bit of business in the winter as it is.  However, by implementing the sign close to the turnpike, we attracted many more people to the range, even semi-truck drivers! By adding “Free Rental Clubs” to the sign along with our logo and exit number, it also helped boost the amount of business we receive, since it’s such a good deal and a lot of people don’t necessarily have their clubs with them. It drives their impulse. Plus, we even have a six-hole executive course in addition to the range. Adding the sign to the turnpike has not only created awareness but has also made us an attraction to those passing through. The product that we discovered at the PGA Show paid for itself and definitely helped maximize our unique location.

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