August 22, 2014

David Clark: Use Technology to Eliminate Distance Gaps

david-clarkDavid Clark, a U.S. Kids Golf certified instructor and clubfitter, is FlightScope certified and a PGA assistant professional at South Fork Country Club, in Amagansett, New York.

David Clark on the importance of using technology to eliminate distance gaps:
In recent months we have been successfully using FlightScope for lessons, fitting players, and overall game improvement for all levels of playing ability. Our focus as of late has been primarily on fitting our members with the driver, in addition to providing them specific distances for each club in their bag, which we feel enables our members to be more accurate with club selection, more definitive with what clubs they actually need to carry in their bag, and eliminating overlap in club distance. As a result, the player gets increased accuracy, opens up room in their bag for distances they may be lacking, and in turn helps us at the club increase club sales and profit margin. We offer one and a half hour sessions for our membership for fitting, game improvement, and to provide measurements for club distance and selection. Essentially we ask that they hit 10-15 shots with every club in their bag. We then measure the carry and roll of each shot and take an average to give them the most accurate assessment. If their average distances are similar or the same for two or more clubs in their bag – for example if a player hits their three and four Hybrids the same distance – we would then suggest making a calculated club change by taking one hybrid out of the bag, and replacing it with a club that would fill the necessary gap in distance. At the end of the session we then provide the member with a laminated card to keep with them while they play with a summary of data, which would include their average distances for each club in their bag, as well as a few more clubs purchased in the shop.

David Clark on the business impact of using technology to eliminate distance gaps:
Since implementing this system, our club sales have increased substantially with an increase of $17,000 dollars from the year prior with 35 percent coming from clubfitting. Last season, we were named one of the top three grossing private clubs for Callaway club sales alone, and this season we are expecting increased sales and upward mobility in our profit margin regarding club sales.

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