February 10, 2017

Daniel Clemmons: Launch an Advertising Push to Expand Your Reach

Daniel Clemmons, a PGA Apprentice, is the Assistant PGA Professional and Master Clubfitter at The Eagle Zone in Greenville, South Carolina.

Daniel Clemmons on the importance of launching an advertising push to expand your reach:
The Eagle Zone is a standalone facility with range amenities including mats and grass tees, clubfittings, lessons, a practice bunker and a practice putting green. One of our goals for 2016 was to expand the reach of our facility beyond the metro Greenville area. So we started a two-part advertising push, the first of which was buying ads in the surrounding markets during the majors and 7-8 other events, expanding our reach into Spartanburg, the Clemson University-area, Ashville and other places in nearby North Carolina. The second was two talk show appearances. We hoped that it would not only get people out to the facility but create sales through fitting and other means.

Daniel Clemmons on the business impact of launching an advertising push to expand your reach:
We spent $4,500 on the ad buy and $1,500 for the two talk show appearances. A year later we can say that the campaign gave us 25-30 new recurring customers and 30-45 additional fittings. Overall fitting sales went up by $125,000, aided by both the campaign and Golf Digest naming us a Top 100 Fitter. We also saw a $20,000 increase in lessons, 60 percent attributable to the advertising campaign. So don’t be afraid to launch an advertising push to expand your reach. It paid off for us.

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