October 5, 2020

Daniel Carraher: Implement an After-School Program

Daniel Carraher is the owner/operator of Dan Carraher Golf, located at the Golf Club at South Hampton, St. Augustine, Florida.

Daniel Carraher on the importance of implementing an after-school program:

The Golf Club at South Hampton did a massive renovation of their practice facility about three years ago, and the huge double-sided all-grass range and enhanced short game area have played a big part in the success of my golf academy. We implemented an after-school junior program last year that focuses on teens looking to play competitive golf in high school, college, and beyond. We have a great mix of highly-skilled players and other juniors who may have started in the game a little later than others, but are striving to catch up to their peers. A key aspect of the program is the presence of my elite juniors who help facilitate the sessions by offering competition. The interaction between our elite players and up and coming juniors often provides a humbling reality-check for our progressing juniors who are gaining confidence but may lose focus on the bigger picture. Grounding them a bit helps reinstate that focus in their instruction, practice, and play. In addition, we’ll get an occasional visit by one of my Tour players, as they chip and putt with the juniors to provide an experience not offered in most other after school programs. I’ve found that the young golfers in my program are motivated by this interaction, both with the Tour players and the elite junior golfers.

Daniel Carraher on the business impact of implementing an after-school program:

This program is not about how many juniors we can get signed up, but rather about the experience and improvement gained by the ones we have. All of our students are shooting scores in the 70’s, with a quarter of them reducing their original scores by twenty strokes or more. Using the practice facilities available at our club, we strive to build our students’ confidence level to understand their potential. We seek to provide the skill set to match their goals. Building their character, we show them that failure is part of the game by implementing a series of contests that eliminate participants one by one, rendering one winner. Those who are eliminated sit and watch as the rest of the group continues the competition. This has proven to be an effective method of motivation, instilling a drive to practice and be the best they can be. Junior golf is highly competitive in our state and providing all the tools, not just physical skills, is what often launches these juniors to the next level.

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