November 13, 2019

Dale Smigelsky: Sponsor Range Balls to Reduce Cost

Dale Smigelsky, the 2012 PGA Merchandiser of the Year for Public Facilities, is a Retired Life Member of the PGA and former Director of Golf at Collindale Golf Club in Fort Collins, Colorado.

To ensure that Collindale Golf Club always has great range conditions, the team tries to bring in new range balls every year. Two things players expect most from a driving range is a good surface to hit from and good, high-quality range balls that go a consistent distance, former PGA Director of Golf at Collindale Dale Smigelsky said, who oversaw the program’s inception while there. “It might seem cost prohibitive to have new balls each year, but if you can have a large portion paid for by a sponsor, then it’s definitely a winning proposition for all involved,” he added. Depending on relationships with sponsors, Smigelsky said Collindale was able to get 50-75 percent of the cost covered by sponsors and help the club’s bottom line directly. While not the sole contributing factor, Collindale saw range ball sales increase by 5-10 percent every year after implementing this program. “Many facilities overlook the fact that each aspect of their facility compliments all the others, and when one achieves success, it ultimately helps all the others.”