December 18, 2019

Clubfitters Corner: Talking Golf Shafts with Fujikura

Advanced technology such as launch monitors, interchangeable shaft systems and data tracking have driven innovation and demand for custom fitting. With the rise of fitting has come an influx of aftermarket shaft options that PGA Professionals and clubfitters can utilize to dial in performance for golfers.

During Demo Day at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show, our team caught up with Fujikura Sales Manager Chad Embrey, who gave us an overview of the current marketplace for golf shafts, as well as what to look for from Ventus and the 2019 Fujikura lineup.

Fujikura has been a leader in golf shafts for more than 20 years, providing staples like Speeder and Vista Pro, and making some of the industry’s most sought after options like ATMOS. New for 2019, the company has debuted the Ventus – whose sophisticated design is engineered to tighten dispersion and maximize ball speeds, particularly on offcenter strikes.