July 25, 2014

Club Car Precedent Golf Cars Now Feature New EFI Engines

When shopping for a gasoline-powered golf car, remember this: other vehicles have engines with electronic fuel injection (EFI), but there are big differences in these engines.

The sophisticated but easy-to-maintain EFI engine that powers the new 2015 Club Car Precedent golf car broadens that gap.

“Club Car engineers spent a year researching major engine manufacturers’ offerings before partnering with Subaru, a world leader in building small engines with EFI,” says Club Car Product Manager David Woodward.

Using automotive technology, Subaru designed a 14-hp-rated, 404 cc single-cylinder overhead cam engine with EFI. Designed around a unique matrix of features, it outperforms the competition and ranks best-in class in virtually every category.

Unprecedented Numbers

The new engine increased horsepower by 35 percent, fuel efficiency by 35 percent and cut carbon monoxide emissions by 30 percent over previous Precedent golf car engines. It also:

Delivers 23 percent more power than competitive EFI vehicles, with virtually no boost in fuel consumption.
Reduces the annual cost of ownership by $160, based on fuel usage and maintenance schedules in the owners’ manuals.
To attain 19 mph,many golf cars require a power-reducing gear replacement that is both difficult and costly to install. But the new Precedent golf car can either be purchased from the factory at 19-mph or quickly and inexpensively upgraded without any performance reduction, making it a better choice.

Club Car is so confident in this new engine that they have extended the warranty on both the Precedent golf car’s engine and gas transaxle to a five-year limited warranty standard, one to two years longer than competitive vehicles.

Why EFI?

Unlike engines with carburetors and chokes that suction fuel and can be difficult to start, EFI systems atomize fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle under high pressure. So they start right up even in frigid weather, automatically adjust for altitude and deliver power on demand. EFI systems also reduce maintenance costs, last longer and lower emissions.

The Club Car Difference

“But the design of EFI engines varies considerably,” Woodward says. “Ours is engineered with overhead cams that are more automotive and precise than the outdated pushrod engines in competitive vehicles.”

The Subaru engine also:

Features a hemispherical head design that produces more torque and power than the straight valve engines in competitive products.
Offers capacitive discharge ignition for more precise ignition timing and better starting when cold.
Improves reliability with a case-hardened steel timing chain.
Has a splash lubrication system that eliminates the need to buy, change and dispose of oil filters.
Club Car vehicles are built on the industry’s only rustproof, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, engineered to be stronger than steel frames.

“Test drive a new Club Car Precedent golf car, and feel the difference for yourself,” Woodward says.

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About Club Car

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