April 21, 2014

Club Car Announces Spring Sales Event

The world is heading in a new direction:away from traditional cars and trucks toward greener, less expensive neighborhood vehicles. And Club Car is making it easier for buyers to make that transition at its spring sales event.

Recalculating: Turn Right into Club Car

“As people grow increasingly conscious of environmental issues, they’re looking for alternative transportation options”, says Mary A. Sicard,Club Car’s consumer marketing manager. As a result, more communities are allowing golf cars and other non-traditional vehicles on their streets.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of small four-wheel electric vehicles, Club Car offers vehicles that fit that trend, most built on rustproof, corrosion-resistant aluminum frames.

From April 15 ­-June 15, 2014, at participating Authorized Club Car Dealers, qualified retail buyers can purchase a new Precedent® golf car or zero-emissions, street-legal Villager LSV (low-speed vehicle) and choose either 0% financing for 12 months or $500 Close-Out Cash.

The finance offer applies to 2013 and 2014 Precedent golf cars and Villager LSVs. €The Close-Out Cash offer applies to 2011 ­ 2014 Precedent golf cars and Villager LSVs.

LSVs are a relatively new class of electric vehicle with a maximum speed of 25 mph. They are legal in almost all states on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less. (Check your state.)

“In the United States, the Villager LSV costs about a third as much to own and operate as a gas-powered vehicle. And it can be charged through a standard 110-volt outlet, so you won’t have to pay $300 – $1,500 to install a 220-volt outlet as you would to charge an electric car”, Sicard says.

Get off the Beaten Path

Club Car¹s spring sales event is also making it easier to buy XRT utility vehicles for work, hunting and trail-riding.

From April 15 ­-June 15, 2014, at participating Authorized Club Car Dealers, qualified retail buyers have a choice between 3.9% financing for 36 months or $300 or $500 Close-Out Cash, depending on the model selected.

Finance Offer
All new, unregistered 2013 – 2015 model year XRT utility vehicles

Close-Out Cash Offer
$300    All new, unregistered 2011 – 2013 electric XRT800 electric, XRT850 electric, XRT900 electric or XRT950 gasoline utility vehicles
$300    All new, unregistered 2011 – 2014 XRT800 gasoline, XRT850 gasoline or XRT900 gasoline with the Kawasaki engine only $500

All new, unregistered 2011 – 2014 XRT1550 models

XRTs are available in compact, mid- and full-size models; gas, electric and diesel models; two- or four-passenger models; and two- and automatic four-wheel drive that senses the ground it¹s on and shifts automatically. The largest XRTs have a total vehicle capacity of 1,600 pounds.

Club Car vehicles are sold through Authorized Club Car Dealers. To find a dealer near you, visit

About Club Car
Club Car, one of the most respected names in the golf industry, is the world’s largest manufacturer of small-wheel, zero-emissions electric vehicles. The company’s Precedent® golf cars and Carryall® utility vehicles are integral to successful operations at thousands of courses around the world. The company also offers a complete line of new and used golf cars, XRT utility vehicles and street-legal, low speed vehicles (LSVs) for personal use, all backed by Club Car¹s 50+ year legacy of superior design, manufacture and service. Club Car is part of Ingersoll Rand® (NYSE:IR), and is based in Augusta, Ga. Visit

Betty Sosnin