January 15, 2016

Chuck Will: Gather Your Range Needs at Demo Day

Chuck-WillChuck Will, a PGA Certified Professional, GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional, Golf Digest Best in State and Golf Digest 100 Best Clubfitter, is the Director of Instruction/Owner of the Chuck Will Golf Academy and C.W.G. A. Golf Shop located at Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park in Dulles, Virginia.

Chuck Will on the importance of gathering your range needs at Demo Day:
Each and every year that I attend the PGA Merchandise Show I always plan on attending PGA Show Outdoor Demo Day.  There I focus on the various needs for the upcoming year at my academy and golf shop.  I complete orders for new equipment, including clubs, software, training aids and operational necessities.  Demo Day is a tremendous venue for a PGA Professional like me who owns and manages an academy and golf shop at a standalone facility.  Demo Day also gives me the ability to connect with a variety of vendors showcasing products that I have not had an opportunity to see all in one location.  We are always looking for that new and exciting product to introduce during the upcoming golf season.

Chuck Will on the importance of gathering your range needs at Demo Day:
Supplementing my academy and golf shop’s needs at Demo Day saves me time throughout the year and can be completed in under a week’s worth of travel.  The ability to have your ducks in a row and be educated on all the latest equipment and technology all in one place makes the Demo Day a slam dunk!  Over the last few years I have seen a 20-25 percent increase in all facets of my teaching and club business by enhancing my academy and golf shop with the latest advancements in training equipment such as Swing View Pro and SwingByte. These new additions have diversified my teaching and instructor’s knowledge, all of which started at the PGA Show Outdoor Demo Day.

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