September 14, 2018

Christian Hayden: Utilize PGA Golf Management University Students

Christian Hayden is a PGA Assistant Professional at Columbus Country Club, in Columbus, Ohio.

Christian Hayden on the importance of utilizing PGA Golf Management university students:
In our efforts as golf professionals to grow the game and properly develop our students’ skills, it is important to educate PGM students starting their careers on how to stand out during internships. As a recent graduate of Ferris State University, I had the good fortune to enjoy some wonderful internships at some high-end clubs. Having Muirfield Village Golf Club, New Albany Country Club, California Golf Club, and Columbus Country Club on my resume wasn’t just luck however. By working hard at my studies and taking the initiative during internships, I helped propel my career as a Class-A PGA pro. During my internships I tried to do what others weren’t doing. In the golf shop I would clean and fold and create great displays. On the range, I would clear every broken tee and fix every divot. I would make sure my bosses recognized my extra efforts, being their go-to guy every time. I wanted to be the MVP of every team I was on, and it showed. Attaining these big-name internships took initiative as well. In addition to the opportunities offered by our intern coordinator at Ferris State, I would make phone calls and send emails to head pros and GM’s at clubs across the country. That step alone would get my name out there. Actually having the opportunity to work with them, and to perform the required duties above and beyond expectations was the perfect kickstart to my career. At Columbus Country Club, I perform all the regular duties of an assistant golf professional. But my main goals when I walk in the door are to make my head pro’s job as easy as possible, to make the club look good, and to create a memorable experience for our members and their guests every time they’re here.

Christian Hayden on the business impact of utilizing PGA Golf Management university students:
Early in my career, I feel my efforts have not been done in vain. I am working at an exclusive club close to my hometown. I am preforming different functions every day, like teaching, tournament administration, retail sales and merchandising, custom club fitting, and playing with members. I tell every PGM student I know to keep his or her game up. It is important to play well and be well spoken when on the course with members. By going the extra mile in everything you do, you are a better golf professional. This can only help in our efforts to grow the game, work with kids, teach our members, and increase sales across our facilities. I walk the range on weekend mornings, providing free tips here and there. This goes a long way in securing new students and making our members better players. Better players play more, adding to the numbers we analyze to determine how successful we are in our business. I may not have a long track record to reference, but it is a successful one so far. By sharing my passion for the game, I can help new pros be better pros, and their students be better golfers.


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