January 10, 2018

Chris Rowe: Make Time at the PGA Merchandise Show to See the Latest Teaching Gadgets and Training Aids

Chris Rowe, the 2007, 2012, and 2016 PGA Southern Texas Section Harvey Penick Teacher of the Year is the PGA Head Golf Professional at Whispering Pines Golf Club, in Trinity, Texas.

Chris Rowe on the importance of educating yourself on the newest teaching products at the PGA Merchandise Show and communicating that information home to your students:
Golf students are more educated than ever and often inquire about various training aids and teaching gadgets. With golf magazines, the internet, and the Golf Channel, amateur golfers see everything that’s out there and want to know what can help them the most. The PGA Merchandise Show is always a good opportunity for me to see the latest gadgets in the teaching industry. With vendors on site, demonstrations and detailed explanations help educate me on what’s what in golf instruction. There is always a new teaching aid that could help your students play better during the upcoming season. Seeing it work first hand, and hearing its purpose and often the inspiration from its creator, I am able to make qualified decisions on what I think are legitimately helpful products and what aren’t. Making it a point to spend enough time in this area of the show always pays dividends going into the spring season. I will inevitably email some of my students to let them know about the new teaching aids I’ve reviewed at the PGA Show. This gets them excited for our next session together and appreciative for the effort I put into their progress and improvement. After all, curiosity from your students is always a good thing and drives revenue to your teaching business. This is just one more great benefit the PGA Merchandise Show can provide to golf professionals across the country.

Chris Rowe on the business impact of educating yourself on the newest teaching products at the PGA Merchandise Show and communicating that information home to your students:
My teaching business continues to grow and flourish year after year. The dedication I have to my students is evident in our interactions and they realize I am in it to help them become better golfers and find more enjoyment playing the game. The PGA Merchandise Show is an important vehicle to great customer service throughout all aspects of our golf professional duties, including teaching, retail, and custom fitting and equipment sales, for starters. Attending the show and researching the newest teaching aids and gadgets have played a great role in the growth of my business. With PGA Show specials on pricing and terms, taking care of purchasing in January can be a great benefit to your bottom line, as well as allow more time in the spring for teaching and working with members. Doing the best for your students shines through and time spent in Orlando each January can pay dividends back home throughout the year, as students see the benefits of your instruction, tout your skills to others, and refer friends and family.

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