September 7, 2017

Chadwick Bain: Use Games on the Range During Outings

Chadwick Bain is the PGA Director of Golf, Membership and Marketing at Findlay Country Club, in Findlay, Ohio. He was the 2011 Northern Ohio PGA Merchandiser of the Year – Private, and the 2016 Toledo Chapter Golf Professional of the Year.

How it works…

For three years, we have been offering games on the range at our club, both during and after the Findlay Oiler Classic, to increase participants’ enjoyment as well as charitable fundraising. The games, themed musically or athletically, benefit those same departments at the University of Findlay. The tournament is in its 18th year, and this year we have 120 players competing, 10% of them women. It’s as much a “fun raiser” as a fundraiser. We are going to do a sporting clay – a target clay released from a trap – where to earn points, players try to hit the moving target with a golf ball. The clays are orange and black, the university colors. Also, players have the chance to hit a golf ball in an attempt to break a glass drum. Part of the players’ registration gifts is a concept shop where they spend points earned from the games. We are trying to integrate a golf skill with a fun game that’s rewarding by raising funds for the University. We collaborate with University representatives on what games we will do each year; they construct the games, deliver them the morning of the event and set them up on the range for us.

How it has helped my business…

The tournament will be held July 10 this year. We fill it up annually; it doesn’t take long. It’s a mixture of members and guests. People hear about the event and the games, and want to participate. There are 50,000 people in the community, and some people from outside the community play in the tournament, such as alumni and vendor representatives. The entry cost is about $2,000 per foursome. The use of games on the range brings extra panache to our event and recognition to our club.