April 12, 2018

Brian Rogish on Teaching: Provide Unique Clubfitting Experiences

Brian-RogishBrian Rogish, a 2016 Golf Digest “Best Young Teachers in America” award winner, and 2014 Tri-State PGA Teacher of the Year, is the PGA Director of Instruction at The Golf Club at Lansdowne.

Brian Rogish on the importance of providing unique clubfitting experiences:
Being in a vacation destination market, I must offer a clubfitting experience that is unique. It’s crucial that I provide a more valuable and comprehensive experience than typical big box retail stores or smaller local facilities. Although clubfittings at these locations generally carry little to no cost, they are not nearly as extensive as what we offer. While we still offer quick fitting sessions, our efforts are concentrated on fitting the entire bag of the golfer, including the golf ball. We want the entire process to resemble our golf school experiences. The entire session takes approximately two to three hours. We start out by testing their current equipment by checking static measurements and use TrackMan to gather dynamic data. Once we understand their needs we are able to start making recommendations based on the information we gather. Inexperienced golfers generally start with a driver to determine their distance capability. We look at their entire game, run a gap analysis, and really focus on their goals. The substantial use of technology helps us to create the best experience possible and provide them with the best information. Our goal is to mirror the type of extensive clubfitting experience PGA Tour professionals receive.

Brian Rogish on the business impact of providing unique clubfitting experiences:
Due to the accessibility of a free clubfitting it was important for us to differentiate our experience. We bill this clubfitting “experience” between a range of $200-300 and constantly provide information to golfers to explain how we are different than that free quick fitting. Our focus is on the expertise we offer and the increased data we collect to make more accurate recommendations for each golfer. We show golfers that no matter what service/experience they chose with us, they are going to improve, and improvement has a cost/value relationship. I give approximately 40-60 fittings per year. Undoubtedly, this all-inclusive approach to clubfitting benefit golfers and helps to bring in additional revenue for professionals that market it as a coaching session.

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