October 7, 2016

Brad Clayton: Offer a Golf Learning Program to Maximize Student Progress

brad-claytonBrad Clayton is a PGA Master Professional with PuzzleDuck Golf, and the author of a book with the same name. He was the 2008 Carolinas Section Teacher of the Year and the recipient of the 2015 Carolinas Section Player Development Award. He also earned the 2015 National Deacon Palmer Award.

Brad Clayton on the importance of offering a complete learning program, rather than single lessons:
When it comes to player development, my primary focus is on student improvement. Nothing matters more than knowing that the people who’ve entrusted their golf progress to me are getting exactly what they envisioned and worked so hard to attain. I do offer single golf lessons and conduct them occasionally, but strongly encourage new students of all skill levels to commit to at least a four-week program if lasting positive results are what they desire. I also offer six, eight, and twelve-week learning programs so we can focus on all other aspects of the game. The four-week program is for short game OR full swing. The six-week program allows me to spend time on short game AND full swing. The eight-week program gives us two months to monitor and improve the full swing, with short game sessions as well. Finally the twelve-week program is a total game improvement program that gives us three months to concentrate on short game improvement and full swing. In addition, we cover how to practice, rules and etiquette, pre-shot routine, and course management with an on-course lesson that is included in this Program. Long-term, sustainable progress is the goal with these learning programs. However, these are only guidelines. All programs can be adapted to meet and accomplish the goals set forth by the student.

Brad Clayton on the business impact of offering a complete learning program, rather than single lessons:
True golf swing and game improvement takes time. Therefore, to reward those prepared to make the commitment to truly improving their game, I give a significant price advantage over the $115 single lesson rate. The more sessions we do, the better deal for the student. The four-week program is 15% less expensive. The six-week program is 20% less than the full lesson rate would be. The eight-week plan saves the student almost 25%. And the full twelve-week program not only gives the student three full months of concentrated instruction and improvement, it saves the individual 30%. I have been offering these programs for over 20 years. This approach not only gives me time to make positive lasting changes, which in turn creates positive “word of mouth”, but it also guarantees more lessons committed to and paid for up front by the student.

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