December 18, 2019

Boosting Footwear Sales

By Alexandra Uduk, PGA

Since 1993, Sittler Golf Center has been a reliable source for golf equipment and apparel in the Philadelphia area. The GRAA award winning facility located in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, is complete with a full-service practice range and learning center. “As golf professionals, we are the experts; and our customers look to us to guide them through products,” comments Rick Kline, the facility’s PGA Head Professional and owner. This creative promo helped double shoe sales at Sittler Golf Center By Ale Accompanied in operations by his wife and children, the facility is more than a family affair and prides itself on influential feedback and identifying customer needs.

Last fall, the team at Sittler designed an exclusive shoe promotion for patrons to demo adiboost, a top shoe model from adidas Golf, during lessons and club fittings. With an average fitting session lasting about two hours, customers had ample time to experience the performance based and movement from the repetitious golf swing. This allowed customers to experience the performance of the shoe in realistic course-like conditions, and also for Kline’s staff to garner honest and immediate feedback from customers.

Kline credits his relationship with Kevin DePaulis, adidas regional sales representative, for his collaborative approach in stepping outside of a typical golf shop experience to increase sales not only for Sittler Golf Center; but also drive brand awareness for adidas. To make the demo program work, DePaulis provided Sittler with 20 pairs of shoes with various sizes and widths for both men and women. The golf shop staff was also trained and encouraged to draw customers toward the shoe demo area and facilitate feedback at a no-buy obligation.

Overall, the promotion proved successful with a total of 65 pairs sold (an average sale totaling to up to $200/pair). Additionally, Kline noticed a significant variance increase of 40-45 pairs compared to last year’s shoe sales. Special orders also influenced sales as customers were inclined to make a purchase with the option to customize the shoe to their color preference. Open year-round, Kline intends to run the promotion again as a tool to engage with more customers and increase brand awareness.