February 19, 2014

Boccieri Golf Offering Replacement Guarantee on its Secret Grip

Boccieri Golf – maker of leading-edge products that help all golfers lower scores – once again “Tips the Balance in your Favor” by offering a risk free 30 day replacement guarantee on its award-winning Secret Grip, which automatically counter balances any club on the market.

This bold, never-before-seen promotion puts the Secret Grip to the test by offering a trial period wherein customers can return the products if not completely satisfied – and receive replacement grips of their choice at absolutely no cost!

In addition to the promotion, Boccieri Golf is launching new models for 2014, including a specially-designed full-cord option, patriotic color updates – red, white, blue – and a mid-size choice for those who prefer the feel of a larger grip. Each allows players to easily counter balance their clubs, which increases consistency, ball speed and accuracy.

“We know that counter balancing greatly benefits players of all skill levels, as consumer testing of more than 3,000 individuals showed 95 percent prefer Secret Grip over competitors,” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “All other grips are shaft covers – the Secret Grip actually improves a golfer’s swing. We now offer a variety of options to suit all preferences and an unbeatable no-risk opportunity that allows everyone to experience the benefits of this product without worrying about stepping into the unknown. ”

The Secret Grip is endorsed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, who relied on counter balanced clubs to capture 73 PGA Tour titles and 18 major championships.

Designed to be installed quickly and affordably on every manufacturer’s equipment, the Secret Grip’s heavier weight (92 grams) raises the club’s balance point, promoting consistently crisp contact for greater control and distance.

Other features/advantages of the Secret Grip include:

Total length one-inch longer than standard grips, allowing players to grip down for improved play, especially around the green and on uneven lies

A built-up lower section – often preferred by PGA Tour players – completely removes the need for additional grip tape wrapping

Secret Grip is available at top retailers nationwide, including DICK’S Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and PGA TOUR Superstores, as well as at It has earned outstanding reviews from scores of leading media outlets, including “Top Products from the PGA Show” honors from Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine.

For more information:, 888.788.8374.

About Boccieri Golf
Founded in 2004 by Stephen Boccieri, the company’s popular Heavy Putter collection and Control Series line of full-swing products were the first to integrate counter balance principals. This unique approach to club design is proven to benefit golfers of all abilities, as strategically placed weight in the butt-end of the shaft produces a higher balance point for smoother, more repeatable swings from driver through putter. Boccieri Golf’s Secret Grip, endorsed by Jack Nicklaus, is its latest innovation.

The company opened a state-of-the-art Research and Performance Center at 15816 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop in Scottsdale in 2012. Coinciding with significant growth in demand for the entire Boccieri Golf portfolio, the 9,000-square-foot facility offers a variety of services, including custom club fitting, high-tech swing analysis and practice time on life-like simulators.

Boccieri Golf equipment has played a key role in victories on every major professional Tour worldwide. In addition, its products have received vast critical acclaim from a variety of respected golf and lifestyle media outlets.

Bill Feidler
Buffalo Communications