December 31, 2015

Bob Wampler: Network at the PGA Show

bob-wamplerBob Wampler is the PGA head professional at Cattail Creek Country Club in Glenwood, Maryland, winner of the 2014 AGM Platinum Award for “Top 100 Golf Shop.”

Bob Wampler on the importance of networking at the PGA Show:
The PGA Merchandise Show is an ideal opportunity for PGA Professionals to reconnect and network with their peers, mentors and former co-workers.  Make it a point to reach out to these individuals ahead of time and plan to get together for a meal or cocktails at some point during the week. In addition to stopping to chat with friends on the convention center floor, I make it a priority every year to attend the Penn State PGA Professional Golf Management Alumni Reception and the Tony Pancake Reunion Dinner.  These are always highlights of the PGA Merchandise Show for me, as they allow me to catch up with individuals and organizations that have positively impacted my career.  Additionally, I am able to expand my network and meet like-minded professionals.

Bob Wampler on the business impact of networking at the PGA Show:
This facilitates an exchange of ideas and best practices, and allows for everyone to come back from the PGA Show with some fresh perspectives and a stronger network.  In our business, we are constantly “stealing” good ideas and best practices.  One example of this was an exchange of ideas regarding demo clubs.  I was able to bring back with me a more effective way of monitoring demo club usage and liquidating demo clubs at the end of the season.  This conversation also led to the implementation of a new “Trade in-Trade up” program where members can trade in their equipment in exchange for golf shop credit.  A discussion regarding the effective use of eBay facilitated this new program that has proven to be a value added service for our members, and has helped us increase our overall gross margin percentage by six points and generate over $25,000 in additional net profit.

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