April 21, 2014

Bob-Cat Introduces 12-Bushel BOSS-Vac Pro Collection Systems

BOB-CAT, a leading brand of walk-behind and zero-turn riding lawn mowers, introduces its new 12-bushel BOSS-Vac™ Pro collection systems. Designed with BOB-CAT quality and style in mind, the BOB-CAT 12-bushel BOSS-Vac™ Pro fits both the BOB-CAT ProCat™ and Predator-Pro™ mowers.

BOSS-Vac™ Pro collection systems provide improved performance, durability and ease of use. A new front counter weight system uses easy-to-handle suitcase weights. The design puts the weight where it is most effective without blocking the operator’s sight line to the front of the deck. Operators can add and remove the weights easily without tools.

The quick disconnect bumper mount lets operators attach or disconnect the collection system from the bumper hitch quickly and easily. The hitch is mounted using existing holes in the mower’s bumper.

The Dump From Seat system features a patent-pending double-hinge lift-pivot-dump system that lets the operator get within inches of an obstacle and still be able to empty the hopper. The patent-pending DFS design has a low center of gravity for stability and excellent visibility behind the unit.

The BOSS-Vac™ Pro has a large 15.31-inch diameter blower fan and 6-inch wide blades to move a lot of debris quickly. An oversized air vent hood allows a high volume of air and debris to enter the collection system while providing plenty of area to exhaust the air. A molded high-density polymer grass tube moves debris to the collection hopper without clogging, unlike flex tube designs where the grass can collect on the coils.

“Commercial lawn care operators are always looking to improve efficiency and productivity,” says BOB-CAT President and COO Pat Cappucci. “BOSS-Vac Pro collection systems are easy and convenient to use, and they hold 12 bushels of clippings, so operators spend more time mowing and less time stopping to dump clippings.”

Learn more about the all-new BOSS-Vac™ Pro collection systems; see an authorized BOB-CAT dealer or contact BOB-CAT toll free at 866-469-1242.

About BOB-CAT®

BOB-CAT® is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty walk-behind and zero-turn lawnmowers and accessories built for landscape professionals and residential customers. Manufactured in Johnson Creek, Wis., BOB-CAT® mowers have been proudly built by American hands for more than 40 years. To locate an authorized BOB-CAT® dealer, visit or call 866-469-1242.

BOB-CAT® is a registered trademark of Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. Use of the name BOB-CAT® in print must be all capital letters with a hyphen between the words “BOB” and “CAT,” as used within this media release.

About Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.

Schiller Grounds Care, Inc., designs and manufactures commercial and residential landscape, gardening and turf care equipment. Its product lineup includes zero-turn and walk-behind mowers, multi-use tractors and attachments, sod cutters, tillers, aerators, lawn vacuums, turf overseeders, brush cutters and much more. Schiller Grounds Care products are sold under the BOB-CAT®, Classen®, Little Wonder®, Mantis®, Ryan® and Steiner® brand names.

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