May 17, 2013

Blade Runner Golf Introduces the 48-Degree Black Magic Pitching Wedge

-Press Release, Clearwater, Fla.

Players who want to make the most out of their game can now get outstanding results like the pros with the Black Magic pitching wedge. A great way to cut down on strokes is to improve your short game. The 48 degree Black Magic Wedge receives raving pitching wedge reviews from all sorts of players.

Blade Runner Golf is proud to offer their best pitching wedge to players of all skill levels. This pitching wedge sure to give players the confidence with all those short difficult shots we all have in a round of golf. Customers can read the many pitching wedge reviews on their official website.

The Black Magic pitching wedge is very distinct with its innovative design that has the hosel completely removed off the face of the club along with a special hybrid sole plate that eliminates shanks and greatly reduces chunking. Many players have stated in their pitching wedge reviews that they were ready to quit the game because of shanking their pitching wedge all too often. They have also stated that the Black Magic is the best pitching wedge for eliminating shanks.

Many players will try different kinds of clubs from a driver to a pitching wedge throughout the years always looking to improve their game. The Black Magic pitching wedge has received many pitching wedge reviews from all sorts of players with high remarks for the short game. Having the best pitching wedge in your bag is one that consistently gives players confidence. Remember confidence is what makes great players.

The Black Magic Wedge is not only fabricated from the best materials, it has a revolutionary design that makes it easy to swing that translates into fewer strokes when on the course and more confidence about improving your game.

Many claim to have the best pitching wedge out there, but the Black Magic full line of wedges and their unique putter delivers on their promise. From the fairway to the rough and everything in between Black Magic is a club worth trying.

Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is a company that is very serious about the notion that a golfer’s short game can make all the difference in his or her final score-and that players can take their short game to the next level if they only have the right club from which to choose. Black Magic’s hybrid wedges Conforms to USGA Rules, but also helps golf enthusiasts find new precision and power as they make their way onto the putting green. Black Magic Wedge can be reached on the web at http://www.blackmagicwedge.com.

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