January 16, 2014

Bettinardi Golf Introduces its Newest BB Series Line of Putters

Bettinardi Golf, manufacturers of the highest quality milled putters that are made in the USA, announced today it is introducing their newest BB Series line of putters.

“The new Bettinardi BB Series incorporates the luxurious Satin Silver finish,” said Bob Bettinardi, President/CEO of Bettinardi Golf. “These five new models including three new counterbalance versions are sure to please even the most discriminate golfer.”

The recent anchored putter ban has prompted Bettinardi to explore other options in their traditional putter line. In addition to the 100% legal Kuchar Arm Lock Models, the counterbalance putters offer exceptional stability and even better forgiveness.

The BB1 and BB32 counterbalance putters are precision milled from Bettinardi’s Soft Carbon steel, and come in weighing 395 grams. “The main purpose of our counterbalance putters is to move the overall balance point of the club closer to the hands of the player. The weight is added by extending the shaft by 3 inches which adds 42 additional grams,” Bettinardi said. “We then increase the putter head by the same amount to total 395 grams, in essence countering the weight of the putter. This weighting technique boosts the club’s overall MOI (Moment of Inertia), so that it swings more constant and stable than ever.

In addition to adding counterbalance putters, Bettinardi unveiled a brand new MOI model called the BB55. This new putter, which is also available in counterbalance, is milled from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. “We purposefully engineered the BB55 to move the discretionary weight as rearward as possible, Bettinardi said. “We did that by the use of stainless steel weight plugs. By moving this discretionary weight, we greatly enhanced the playability and forgiveness of this putter.

The BB55 has a Champagne Bronze Anodized finish that helps diminish shine, three triple vertical sightlines, and a fly-milled, red anodized insert.

Price and Availability: The new BB Series has an MSRP of $299.99, and the counterbalance putters have an MSRP of $349.99. Standard length putters (33, 34, and 35 inches) and counterbalance putters (36-40 inches) are also available to be cut to order. The new line is available through Bettinardi authorized dealers, and via Bettinardi’s website at www.bettinardi.com.

ABOUT BETTINARDI GOLF: Known for the highest quality, 100% CNC milled putters, while using the industries finest metals, Bettinardi Golf set out in 1999 with one mission in mind; to craft the ultimate putters in the golf industry. Guided by the principle intent and fueled by the passion for skill, Bettinardi puts their heart and soul into every piece they build in order to make every golfer a better putter while creating something truly special.

Sam Bettinardi, srbettinardi@bettinardi.com or 708-802-7400