November 4, 2016

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Enhances PreciseLoft System

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company announced today that it will begin shipping 2017 models of the highly successful FT. WORTH™ and PTx™ irons immediately. The design and composition of the golf clubs will remain virtually unchanged, but the 2017 models will now incorporate the more traditional club head numbering system (#4 iron – Pitching Wedge) tastefully engraved on the hosel.

Ben Hogan Golf remains committed to custom club-fitting via the PreciseLoft™ System. Each iron is numbered with its exact loft; between 20 and 47 degrees. Now, the addition of the ‘traditional’ iron equivalent on the hosel will make for an easier and more simplified on-course experience for those golfers who found the lofts alone to be unconventional. “We listened to our customers and consumers, plain and simple” said Scott White, President and CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “The concept behind the PreciseLoft™ System is valid; consistent 4-degree loft gaps between each iron is just logical. However, we wanted to make our equipment as user-friendly as possible so we are adding traditional designations to each iron.”

Forged Ben Hogan irons and wedges have long been known for their exceptional feel and performance. In recent years serious, committed golfers have come to appreciate the company’s commitment to create a more ‘precise’ set of irons. “The golf equipment industry as a whole has done a disservice to golfers by focusing on iron distance alone and ‘compressing’ lofts at the long end of the set” continued White. “In their quest to make the longest #6 or #7 irons so they can make claims in their marketing efforts, most modern sets of irons have significantly strengthened lofts in mid- and short irons, specifically. This means many players experience minimal differences in distance with these irons, but have huge distance gaps in their scoring clubs.”

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company allows golfers to build iron sets in an exact and precise way. The 28 lofts offered, separated throughout the set by 4-degree increments, are arranged into four different configurations to produce exactly the right launch profile to fit various playing styles and preferences:

Low Launch Loft Profile: 20°(#4) / 24°(#5) / 28°(#6) / 32°(#7) / 36°(#8) / 40°(#9) / 44°(PW)

Low-Mid Launch Loft Profile: 21°(#4) / 25°(#5) / 29°(#6) / 33°(#7) / 37°(#8) / 41°(#9) / 45°(PW)

Mid Launch Loft Profile: 22°(#4) / 26°(#5) / 30°(#6) / 34°(#7) / 38°(#8) / 42°(#9) / 46°(PW)

High Launch Loft Profile: 23°(#4) / 27°(#5) / 31°(#6) / 35°(#7) / 39°(#8) / 43°(#9) / 47°(PW)

The Ben Hogan FT. WORTH™ irons were first introduced in 2015 and were quickly embraced by many accomplished players. The mass is distributed around and behind the primary impact area of the face, not the entire clubhead, so that more energy is delivered where it counts. The FT. WORTH™ irons apply the most dynamic progressive weighting in golf club history, and they also have the renowned V-SOLE™ design.

The Ben Hogan PTx™ irons were launched in early 2016 and expanded the appeal of the brand to a wider variety of player types. Their industry-first co-forged titanium core removes a precise amount of mass from the center of the clubhead, while preserving face thickness and optimizing perimeter weighting for better shotmaking precision. In the lower lofts, a progressive hollow construction ensures higher ball flights and more spin to hold the green on your long approach shots. The PTx™ iron is the first to deliver optimized launch angles throughout the set by engineering a consistently-positioned center of mass in relation to the golf ball. The PTx™ irons’ V-SOLE™ delivers improved shotmaking versatility no matter the lie.

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