September 15, 2017

Barry Milstead: Hold Special Events on the Golf Range to Increase Sales

Barry Milstead, the 2015 Colorado Section Golf Professional of the Year and 2017 Colorado Section Warren Smith Award, is PGA Head Professional at Valley Country Club in Centenniel, Colorado.

Barry Milstead on the importance of holding special events on the golf range to increase sales:

Special events on the range can drive additional dollars to the club. We host an annual demo day at the start of each season that includes a tent set up with equipment, three to four apparel lines, five shoe lines, golf bags and a wide array of accessories. All this is complemented by lively music, food and cocktails, and the tent includes a fitting room with mirrors and fans. It’s a great way to kick the season off and get the latest products in our members’ hands.

Barry Milstead on the business impact of holding special events on the golf range to increase sales:

Our annual demo day is a big day; in fact, it’s the biggest sales day of the year. Between the equipment and added bonus of apparel, sunglasses, shoes and other products – it becomes a big revenue opportunity for us. Having the dressing room next to the range so people don’t have to go back to the golf shop also makes people much more likely to try on apparel, which leads to increased sales. Holding the event in late April or early May at the start of the golf season makes it even more successful. Everyone is excited, so we are able to capitalize on that.”