May 7, 2020

April Golf Weather Impact: We Took a Bite, but Not Much Pain…

April’s weather impact went slightly south but, with the number of geographies stymied for the month by state actions prohibiting golf, it’s likely we’re not going to feel much weather-related pain as Golf Playable Hours (GPH) were down 6% nationally. That’s our first month in the negative column this year and erodes the Year-to-Date (YtD) result to +7%.

Played Rounds for March published by Golf Datatech reflected the impact of COVID restrictions as they dropped 9% despite GPH favorability of +24% for the month. For the year they’re reporting +4% against our +19% GPH but, given the current pandemic backdrop, all bets are off regarding the expected correlation between weather and rounds demand.

More details and Jim’s commentary on the results are available on the Pellucid website. For those wanting the monthly details for the 45 regions, 61 markets as well as the day of-week GPH results and the Year-End forecast at the national level, you can subscribe to one of the below two services to be “in the know”;

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Jim Koppenhaver, President, Pellucid Corp.