January 22, 2013

Aldila Incorporates 3 Design Technologies In New Trinity™ Shaft For Unparalleled Performance

Aldila, the #1 graphite shaft on the PGA Tour for the past three years, is adding the ultimate weapon to their arsenal of shafts. The Trinity™ incorporates the best attributes from all three of Aldila’s state-of-the-art, Tour proven shafts designs into a single shaft providing players with unparalleled performance. Golfers gain maximum control through the use of Aldila’s RIP Technology®, stability through its S-core Technology® and the ‘perfect feel’ provided by the company’s Micro Laminate Technology®. These three shaft technologies continue to be the most popular shafts in play on the PGA Tour year after year.

“The Hottest Shafts In Golf” introduced Micro Laminate Technology® in the NV. Its perfect feel and slim, stable shaft profile yielded a shaft with consistent performance flex and feel while eliminating the dull “boardy” feel of other shafts on the market. The NV has become the most popular aftermarket shaft in history.

Aldila followed the incredible innovation of MLT with the magic of the VooDoo, featuring S-core (stabilized core) Technology®. The VooDoo’s cutting-edge internal carbon-fiber rib system provided players with stability allowing them to generate consistently straighter and longer shots than conventional shafts.

Finally, Aldila engineers outdid themselves when they completely transformed shaft design from the inside out and introduced Reverse Interlaminar Placement Technology®. Aldila’s RIP series delivers unprecedented control and accuracy that helps rack up win after win on across the Tour.

Now the Trinity™ combines all three patented design technologies into one shaft providing golfers with unmatched performance.

The Trinity will be available in a 60 gram design in flexes of A, R, S, X and TX with a suggested retail price of $249.95.

Aldila is publicly traded on OTCQX with the symbol ALDA and is the world’s premier manufacturer of high performance graphite golf shafts, composite prepreg and carbon fiber arrows. Aldila engineers continually advance and redefine golf shaft technology. Since 1972, Aldila has led the graphite shaft industry with more patented technology, manufacturing and process innovation than any other shaft manufacturer. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Aldila was the #1 graphite shaft on Tour with more wood and hybrid shafts in play than the next leading competitor, according to the Darrell Survey. Aldila captured the wood and hybrid shaft manufacturer counts at three of the season’s four major championships in 2012. For more information on the RIP® Series, VooDoo®, DVS™, MOI Proto™, VS Proto™, and NV® shafts, visit Aldila’s Web site Follow what’s new on

Mike Leonard
Communications Director
Golf Marketing Services