July 24, 2018

Alan Walker: Create an Environment that Motivates Employees

Alan Walker is a PGA Head Professional at Lost Key Golf and Beach Club, in Perdido Key, Florida.

Alan Walker on the importance of creating an environment that motivates employees:
I used to think that part of our role was to motivate employees and individuals, but I’ve since changed my view to believe that people are either motivated or they’re not. When you see a motivated person, take him onto your team. Environment can motivate employees. We need to give them the tools and resources they need to do their jobs. Point of sales, well-maintained facilities, phone and communication tools, reservation systems – all need to be easy to keep employees moving forward. They want to know that the systems are functional. Be sure to have policies that empower employees rather than encumber or restrict them. Trust them. If they make mistakes sometimes, that’s ok. There’s no mistake that can’t be overcome. We have a product: community involvement. Aside from that, what we often overlook is that our employees are the people we have to sell. They have to fall in to what you are selling; they are part of the product. Emphasize customer service. Remember that we represent the community.

Alan Walker on the business impact of creating an environment that motivates employees:
Ours is a small beach community, and we outperform the market. Golf is our flagship marketing tool. Once people play our golf course, we often are successful in converting them into homeowners; that’s our mission. 70% of new home owners are members of our golf club. Our employees are what we are selling. We need to create seamless staff and customer interaction so employees can do their jobs efficiently in the eyes of our customers. Make your staff feel appreciated and valuable in creating a great experience that golfers can’t wait to tell someone about. Then the motivation cycle will have been completed and the momentum will carry your facility to greater success. I have 16 employees and the maintenance crew has 16 as well. While it is impossible to quantify the consequences of their high motivation and positive work experience, we know the results are significant.