January 9, 2015

2UNDR Gaining Momentum

2UNDRTM, based in Vancouver, Canada, hit the ground running as the Golf and Sporting Goods newest, most exciting, and truly innovative brand in 2014 and finished with a flurry. Whether you’re playing a round of golf, going out for dinner, an exec at his desk, on an airplane, or taking a break from the daily grind, 2UNDRTM has dramatically changed the men’s underwear category (better known as performance briefs) for good, and with smashing success.

Men take uncomfortable materials and ill-suited fits as normal when it comes to their briefs, but 2UNDRTM has changed all that with an innovation that will improve a man’s life, his game, and will make him look good in the process. Sewn inside each pair of 2UNDRTM is a soft and comfortable “hammock” for your unmentionables. They call it the Joey PouchTM. Constructed of premium soft touch breathable fabrics and an innovative No Tip DripTM moisture control layer, the Joey PouchTM is designed to keep you comfortable, ventilated, and stylish. 2UNDRTM designer, Rocky Harris admits, “Over 18 holes, there wasn’t much on course support for your most priceless equipment. The Joey PouchTM removes those sticky side grips, sloshy leg kicks, and fancy peel-off-the-leg moves from your game and truly improves your experience during a round.” Side effects include a visually larger profile, so it’s not surprising that the soft smooth feel of 2UNDRTM products have delivered amazing results both on and off the course.

Introduced to the Canadian golf market in the spring of 2013, 2UNDRTM became an immediate success story at PGA pro shops nationwide in the USA in 2014. The positive reaction to 2UNDRTM was amazing and the brand has been on an incredible roll ever since. Their 2015 PGA Tour Ambassadors include: World Record holding Long Drive Champion Mike Dobbyn, former PGA Champion David Toms, PGA Tour winners; Jerry Kelly, Charlie Rymer, Chris DiMarco, Bill Horschel, Jimmy Walker, Steve Wheatcroft, Jason Gore, and host of others who soon discovered and endorse 2UNDRTM, because it allows them to enjoy the game improvement features.

The massive growth of 2UNDRTM continues in 2015 with veteran brand builder, Jack Curry as Vice President of Sales, who has added 37 “all-star” independent reps to service the needs of all the golf pro shops and specialty golf retailers in the USA. Curry explains “our line is a fun, exciting brand that offers PGA pro shops and retailers incremental sales that pros/merchandisers have welcomed to their assortment! Of course, most importantly it offers the professionals and members of their clubs, a performance product that is the most comfortable way to protect men’s most valuable assets.” Adding, “Simply put, every male golfer should be wearing 2UNDRTM, it improves the way you feel the second you put them on, which in turn helps put your mind in a completely positive space. Think about it, who wouldn’t want to feel better first thing in the morning, every morning?!” Curry has this national sales team fired up and plans on continuing our partnerships with PGA sections nationwide, and with PGA Magazine. Our founding tenets and core competency will always be with the heart of the PGA of America, and all its affiliates. Curry adds, “2UNDRTM perfectly blends the combination of soft and comfortable fabric, with innovation and technology that men will easily choose over their previous options.”

2UNDRTM has teed off in ’15 with new vibrant colors, patterns, and materials to grow their business; Expansion into retail in golf & other markets is creating an impossible to miss buzz in the golf, sporting goods, fashion, college, running and fitness industries. Look for them at the upcoming PGA Orlando Show and in PGA Magazine. Currently with three styles on the market now, and a fourth hitting the shelves in March of 2015, it seems there is no slowing 2UNDRTM’s fast paced sales momentum. You too can start your next round 2UNDR, knowing that your most valuable assets have become the last thing you ever need to worry about again. Check out this amazing new golf product at 2UNDR.com.

2UNDR is distributed by Rampion USA Inc. Toll Free 1.800.678.0314 or contact jack Curry, jackcurry@2undr.com. C. 484-903-3179