• “GRAA allows me see what my peers are up to and that really helps me come up with new ideas for our practice areas and teaching programs.”

    - Steve Dresser, Steve Dresser Golf Academy

  • “More than anything, the GRAA has provided me new ideas and ways to help people play better golf and enjoy the game more. The videos and articles in Golf Range Magazine often give me a different view on a training aid or fresh perspective on a drill/exercise that I may not have used for some time.”

    - Andy Hilts, GolfTec

  • “Dulles Golf Center and the Chuck Will Golf Academy have had a long standing, positive relationship with the GRAA. Through seminars, Golf Range Magazine, and Best Practices, we have gained valuable information and ideas that not only improve our facility, but directly impact our bottom line!”

    - Chuck Will, Dulles Golf Center

  • “The GRAA has been an outstanding resource for not only Fox Hollow training center, but the three other ranges in our golf system. Golf Range Magazine keeps us on the leading edge of industry best practices across the country.”

    - Mike Messina, Fox Hollow Driving Range

  • “I got some great ideas from the GRAA Boot Camp, which got me thinking of different ways to implement programs at my facility.”

    - Fred Glass, Neshanic Valley Golf Course

  • “The GRAA has been tremendous for our practice range and golf club. It is our go to resource for creative ideas, promotions and vendor referrals.”

    - Stephen Clancy, Granite Links Golf Club

  • “The past two years Liberty National has been given the honor of a GRAA Top 50 Golf Range. This is something we are very proud of and would like to thank GRAA for inspiring us to continue to improve our range operation through best practices and keeping us updated on industry trends. Thank you GRAA!”

    - Dan Schleichart, Liberty National

  • “GRAA best practices provide new and exciting ideas that we may be able to incorporate at TopGolf. Even if it’s not something that can be directly implemented at TopGolf, it tends to stimulate thinking towards related items that may be used at our facilities.”

    - Mark Caster, TopGolf

  • “The golf architect talk at the GRAA Boot Camp was very eye opening! Great ideas to take back right away!”

    - Alan Manley, Augusta Technical College

  • “I have been using Golf Range Magazine to help me stay current and to learn about trends in the industry. I have found the articles particularly useful in learning about what others have done to stay ahead of the curve. They have also given me ideas on what I can do to make our facility better. Thank you for making us all better.”

    - Dale Abraham, Desert Mountain Club

  • “Being a part of the Golf Range Association of America has given me the opportunity to network with fellow PGA Professionals who share the same passion for growing the game of golf.”

    - Adam Smith, Salisbury Country Club

  • “The GRAA’s Golf Range Magazine and Best Practice e-mails do an unbelievable job portraying how to grow the game and take instruction to the next level.”

    - Michael Haywood, PGA, Tucson C.C.

  • “I love to read the GRAA best practices and articles. New ways to do things or something a little different is hard to think of when we are all consumed in our own facilities. I also like that GRAA has incorporated videos, which is even more descriptive and love to see the visual aspect.”

    - Shawn Cox, The Grand Golf Club

  • “Our association with the GRAA goes back several years now. In that time, Shadow Ridge Country Club has been recognized as the region’s leader in practice area and driving range development. We really enjoy your ‘best practices’ features.”

    - Gary Gabrielson, Shadow Ridge Country Club

  • “The GRAA Boot Camp was outstanding! Seeing the junior golfer so entertained by Nicole Weller was exciting to watch and good to see people like Patrick and Ryan of the GRAA willing to find the challenges that we face in the business.”

    - Lee Puddlefoot, Olde Hickory Golf and Country Club

  • “Dancing Rabbit Golf Club greatly values our relationship with the GRAA and is very proud of the recognition we have received. The GRAA helps all facilities to offer and show the best ideas, amenities and services possible for all golfers to enjoy.”

    - Mark Powell, Dancing Rabbit Golf Club

  • “It was very exciting to be able to host a GRAA Boot Camp at our facility. Having taught at one the previous year, I knew it would be a very professionally run event attracting golf professionals from the area. The GRAA has really created a nice traveling product that is a must-attend if in your area!”

    - Nicole Weller, The Landings Club

  • “The exchange of ideas at with other PGA professionals at the Mistwood GRAA Boot Camp and the practice facility design presentation were awesome and terrific. Great job!”

    - Ed Stevenson, Oak Meadows Golf Club

  • “Being involved with the GRAA is one of the best business decisions I have made. It helps me keep up-to-date with the latest information that is going on in the industry. I highly recommend you get involved.”

    - Rick Grayson, Rivercut Golf Course

  • “The GRAA Boot Camp was a great experience and I learned a lot. It was great having Mike Malaska there; he really kept things interesting and was very helpful with his insight. I look forward to more educational opportunities through the GRAA.”

    - Chris Talerico, Santa Barbara Golf Club

  • “The GRAA staff was great at keeping on track and initiating discussion at the recent GRAA Boot Camp at Trump National – Los Angeles. There was way more interaction than I have seen at past educational seminars. Keep up the good work!”

    - Chris Talerico, Santa Barbara Golf Club

  • “It’s a pretty awesome publication that the GRAA has. Hats off to Rick Summers and his wonderful staff. The content is always great and relevant. I’m currently starting to implement some of the ideas I’ve seen in the magazine and emails.”

    - Greg Mason, Waverly Municipal Golf Course

  • “I support the GRAA in their Boot Camps, as well as all other opportunities to participate. Why? Because they do a tremendous job of recognizing the many deserving golf teachers across the country.”

    - Dana Rader, Dana Rader Golf School

  • “We can be an isolated industry when we are in the midst of our busy seasons. As a GRAA member, we appreciate the connection to others in our industry that Golf Range Magazine and the GRAA Best Practices provide.”

    - Rick Kline, PGA, Sittler Golf Center

  • “I am very supportive and appreciative of the GRAA’s efforts to emphasize golf ranges in every capacity. This organization has a huge potential to greatly benefit operators and PGA members.”

    - Joel Weitz, Vitense Golfland

  • “Always great to hear ideas from the industries best. Great GRAA Boot Camp at Fiddler’s Elbow.”

    - Doug Holub, Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course

  • “The GRAA Boot Camp program is excellent. I will be looking forward to the next one!”

    - Tom Burley, Indian Wells Golf Resort

  • “I was fortunate to attend the recent GRAA Boot Camp at Fiddler’s Elbow. Hearing Stephen Kay present and to be so engaging concerning practice facility design and me being able to talk to other operators, to learn what is working for them, were both truly valuable.”

    - Bob Issler, Tom’s River Golf Center

  • “We pride ourselves and work very hard to maintain and grow our facility. It is always nice to be rewarded for our work, especially from a well respected and leading industry organization such as the GRAA.”

    - Phil Scally Jr., Scally’s Golf Center

  • “The GRAA provides great information and covers a broad spectrum of topics to help me grow my business! I’ve kept in touch with many professionals I met at the Boot Camp, and have continually shared ideas.”

    - Brad Latimer, Smiley’s Golf and Learning Center

  • Golf Range Magazine, GRAA Best Practices and Boot Camp are all great ways to pick up new ideas that have been successful at other facilities in order to enhance my operation. Everything I’ve seen the GRAA do is a home run!”

    - Brian Varsey, Ocean Reef Club

  • “As a three-time winner of the GRAA Top 50 Ranges, Red Ledges has received the positive recognition as one of the top private golf facilities in the state of Utah. This notoriety has brought numerous new golfing members and golf school students to Red Ledges, which has significantly increased operational revenues.”

    - Jon Paupore, Red Ledges

  • “I actually learned something when I attended the GRAA Boot Camp, which is not always the case with those type of events. I was able to take away few ideas from the facilitators, and watching Keith Lyford reconfirmed that I am teaching the correct way to improve my students quickly.”

    - Phil Green, Home On The Range

  • “I wanted to thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to attend the GRAA Boot Camp. The event was very well organized and the learning opportunities were tremendous!”

    - Paul Vasquez, Muroc Lake Golf Course

  • “I always enjoy your Best Practices emails as they are chock filled with much, valuable information. Keep them coming!”

    - Judy Alvarez, The Florida Club

  • “Since being named one of GRAA’s Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professionals my lesson book has exploded! I’m as busy as I can be. Thank you for this honor.”

    - Mike Richards, Mike Richards Golf Academy

  • “The sharing of ideas from both the GRAA Boot Camps and Golf Range Magazine is excellent! In a challenging economy, with golf being down not only in rounds played, but equipment and apparel sales, we need to rely on each other to continue to drive ideas for our patrons, customers, and members.”

    - Dan Baker, Golf Galaxy

  • “Thanks so much for an informative GRAA boot camp. I can’t wait to do it again.”

    - Marty Stumpf, Farmer Brown’s Golf Center

  • “I love to read the GRAA best practices and articles. New ways to do things or something a little different is hard to think of when we are all consumed in our own facilities. I also like that GRAA has incorporated videos, which is even more descriptive and love to see the visual aspect.”

    - Shawn Cox, The Grand Golf Club

  • “Golf Range Magazine has been a great resource for me and our facility to keep us up to speed on GRAA Best Practices and what is happening in the golf industry. I look forward to each issue to see what nugget of information will be helpful to our operation.”

    - Tiffany Faucette, 1757 Golf Academy

  • “Taking ideas that have been presented by Golf Range Magazine and GRAA best practices, then customizing those ideas to fit our facility has been so beneficial to Pine Meadow. My advice, read the magazine, read the GRAA best practices, you just never know where they may take you or your staff.”

    - Dennis Johnsen, Pine Meadow Golf Club

  • “Having experienced a growth in junior golf, equipment fitting along with the plans of building a new short game facility, GRAA has been a great tool to help us find ways to improve our bottom line.”

    - Rob Clark, The Ledges of Huntsville Mountain

  • “The GRAA is not just for driving ranges! Our golf courses benefit tremendously from our relationship with the GRAA. They provide us a wealth of knowledgeable resources in all facets of our operations from food & beverage to golf course maintenance and everywhere in between.”

    - Carl Filipowicz, Traditional Golf Properties

  • “The GRAA and its products provide me with a wealth of knowledge. As a teaching professional, the coverage the GRAA gives to instruction is invaluable to me, providing me with ideas and best practices from some of the best instructors in the country!”

    - Lou Guzzi, PGA, Lou Guzzi Golf Academy

  • “The GRAA Boot Camp at Haggin Oaks was a great opportunity to brainstorm with fellow professionals and to get some fresh ideas to try at my facility!”

    - Keith Lyford, Old Greenwood

  • “The GRAA provides valuable industry information from the top teachers in the game on player development and programming. My bottom line has been directly impacted from the information provided.”

    - Jim Estes, Olney Golf Park

  • “The GRAA is great to work with because their goal truly is to help get, and keep, people interested in the game of golf. The association is very adamant about helping to promote the best facilities and instructors who do that!”

    - Scott Hogan, Scott Hogan Golf

  • “The recent GRAA Boot Camp was upbeat and informative. It was wonderful to hear great speakers like Lou Guzzi and Stephen Kay. I left the Boot Camp with more ideas than expected and will definitely attend another.”

    - Sean Driscoll, Big Swing Golf Center

  • “Having the opportunity to share my best practices’ with the GRAA community has encouraged great feedback from my peers that I have used to further enhance my own programs. It is important for professionals to share their innovative ideas to continue growing the game.”

    - Scott Shapin, Kenwood Golf & Country Club

  • “I have to say thanks to the GRAA for hosting their Boot Camps. Great agenda and excellent program!”

    - Patrick Casey, Brentwood Country Club of Los Angeles

  • “The GRAA boot camp I attended was informal, and educational. Learning from PGA National Teacher of the Year, Lou Guzzi, was a valuable experience. Definitely helped me improve as an instructor and the bottom line of my facility!”

    - Jason Blonder, Ash Brook Golf Course

  • “Every PGA Professional should have a chance to attend a GRAA Boot Camp!”

    - Will Reilly, Royal Palm Beach Golf Academy

  • “Loved the exchange of ideas at the GRAA boot camp. The GRAA staff kept the interest level high.”

    - Mimi Brown, Brown Golf Management

  • “The GRAA Boot Camp was awesome! Great chance to meet and share with some of the best in the business! Keep it up.”

    - Jason Sedan, Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club

  • “The GRAA is a great resource for any driving range (stand alone, public, private or resort) to use for networking and operational information. Golf Range Magazine and the Best Practices are invaluable products that provide proven ideas that can help all facilities use the range to drive revenue and grow the game!”

    - Greg Mason, Waverly Municipal Golf Course

  • “In our highly competitive market, Golf Range Magazine is one of my best sources for proven best practices and operational issues that pertain to the range.”

    - Mike Woods, Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

  • “The GRAA is a great resource for our business. It is a vehicle through which we can stay relevant, keep up with the latest and greatest and assist in running a top-notch operation.”

    - David Beltre, Chelsea Piers

  • “I am very supportive and appreciate of your efforts to emphasize golf ranges in every capacity. The GRAA has huge potential to greatly benefit operators and PGA members.”

    - Joel Weitz, Vitense Golfland

  • “Outstanding event! Meeting all of the astute fellow professionals and the private session the first evening with Lester George were the highlights of a great GRAA Boot Camp at Kinloch.”

    - Kevin Lovell, Winton Country Club

  • “The GRAA certainly acts as a resource and avenue to research great ideas from leading industry professionals.”

    - Chad Fleming, TPC Jasna Polana

  • “In our highly competitive market, Golf Range Magazine is one of my best sources for proven best practices and operational issues that pertain to the range.”

    - Mike Woods, PGA, Haggin Oaks Golf Complex

  • “I really enjoy using the GRAA as a resource for my golf operations. From the best practices to equipment reviews, I can always count on the GRAA to help improve on what we do.”

    - Don Hurter, Castle Pines Golf Club

  • “Being recognized as one of the GRAA Top 50 Private Ranges in the country helped our membership grow to a full 300 golf members. We look forward to gathering more ideas in the future from the GRAA, and continuing to improve our golf facilities and the service to our membership.”

    - Dave Bahr, Maketewah Country Club

  • “The GRAA Boot Camp is a very good networking experience. Meeting and building relationships with the sponsors is very beneficial. I have connected with PowerTee and now have an installation in Minnesota — A very good ‘win-win situation’ if notfor the Boot Camp at TPC Twin Cities.”

    - Jim Deutsch, University of St. Thomas

  • “Thank you for bringing your GRAA Boot Camp to NJ – it was terrific! We got a lot of new ideas.”

    - Sue Delaney, Basking Ridge Country Club

  • “The GRAA best practices have been fun to read and always creative. Holding outings on the wedge range and hosting a demo day for women are just two ideas we have implemented.”

    - Mike Barge, Hazeltine National Golf Club

  • “The GRAA Boot Camp was great and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to attend. Many best practices shared by experts at other facilities can only help to improve revenue and profitability at my facility. Even just implementing one idea learned from the GRAA Boot Camp makes it well worth attending.”

    - Joel Weitz, Vitense Golfland

  • “I took away several ideas from the GRAA Boot Camp at Kinloch that I think will help enhance my business. Thought the ideas were good and learned a lot from others doing things differently. Loved exchanging ideas with different operators.”

    - Jay Perkins, Bel Air Golf Center

  • “The GRAA is an amazing resource for all phases of golf. Their association encourages golf professionals and facility operators to get excited about utilizing our range to grow this great game. The GRAA’s information is extremely helpful and relevant in today’s world of golf.”

    - Kathy Gildersleeve-Jensen, Jensen Lindebald Impact Golf Academy

  • “We can be an isolated industry when we are in the midst of our busy seasons. As a GRAA member, we appreciate the connection to others in our industry that the magazine and best practices provide.”

    - Rick and Patty Kline, Sittler Golf Center

  • “GRAA Boot Camps are a wonderful forum for professionals to gather and get new information and exchange ideas that can make us better professionals and operators. The value of these events is immeasurable.”

    - Bill Abrams, Balmoral Woods

  • “We have been very happy with our relationship with the GRAA. I read much of Golf Range Magazine each month and I archive the ‘Best Practices’ so that when we are looking at something new I can go back and see if someone has already had that experience. Having that information readily at hand is very valuable.”

    - Danny Elkins, Georgia Golf Center

  • “I read GRAA Best Practices and Golf Range Magazine. After reading the topics, I apply the practices that make sense for my operation and modify them to meet the needs of my customers. These have had a positive impact on my business.”

    - Rob Sedorcek, Country Club of St. Albans

GRAA News, Press Releases

August 15, 2019

2019 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience Drives Golf Retail, Delivers Engaging Education Programs and Exciting Networking Events

LAS VEGAS (August 15, 2019) – The 2019 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience, Aug. 13–14, welcomed thousands of PGA Professionals, industry leaders and lifestyle specialty retailers from 46 U.S. states and 14 countries to Las Vegas for two days and nights packed with merchandise sourcing, buying, product testing, education, professional networking and special events.

The annual industry gathering, coinciding with Las Vegas Fashion Week and multiple fashion trade shows, featured nearly 200 participating brands and companies, a new Technology Forum, and comprehensive Education Conference at the Venetian Hotel. Evening events put a spotlight on fashion, product testing and networking when the Fashion Show and Networking Party moved to the exciting venue of TAO Nightclub on Tuesday night (Aug. 13) and the PGA Demo Experience and Closing Reception moved to Wednesday night (Aug. 14) at the popular flagship property of Topgolf Las Vegas.

“Each day and night of the 2019 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience was full of business-building opportunities on the Show floor and during exciting new special events in the evenings,” said PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions Event Vice President Marc Simon. “Our participating companies enjoyed steady traffic and PGA Professionals and buyers found a great mix of new merchandise to drive grassroots retail. Valuable insights were gained in education programs and, importantly, industry professionals across all sectors enjoyed connecting with peers at events like the Fashion Show at TAO Nightclub and the Demo Experience at Topgolf.”

Participating companies included up-and-coming designers, entrepreneurs entering the market, veteran golf manufacturers, established apparel brands and market leaders. More than 100 top apparel brands took advantage of the upscale PGA Fashion & Demo Experience setting and simultaneous timing of Las Vegas Fashion Week including companies such as Ahead, Antigua, Bobby Jones, Callaway Apparel, Cutter & Buck, Donald Ross Sportswear, Dunning, ECCO, EP NY, FJ, Fairway & Greene, Greg Norman Collection, Jamie Sadock, J. Lindeberg, Linksoul, Peter Millar, PUMA Golf, Straight Down Clothing, Under Armour, Vineyard Vines, Zero Restriction and many more.

Top equipment and technology companies showcased their newest innovations and included brands such as Callaway Golf, COBRA Golf, FlightScope, Foresight Sports, Full Swing Golf, HONMA Golf, Mizuno Golf, Srixon/Cleveland Golf and Yamaha Golf.

The PGA Fashion & Demo Experience will return to the Venetian, TAO Nightclub and Topgolf Las Vegas, Aug. 11–12, 2020. Visit PGALasVegas.com for detailed information.

2019 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience Highlights

Show Floor of the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 13–14, PGA Professionals and golf buyers filled the aisles of the Palazzo Ballroom in search of the newest merchandise for their members and customers among some of the best brands in golf with a special focus on golf fashion as more than 100 apparel and accessory brands took advantage of the annual golf gathering to showcase their newest collections.

One apparel brand newcomer was Yaffa Activewear, which produces super-lightweight women’s apparel with lab-tested Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50 to effectively block 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

“Our activewear is designed to keep you cool and comfy while protecting you from the sun, but we don’t compromise functionality or form for fashion,” said Laura Preskin, CEO of Yaffa Activewear of Scarsdale, New York. “Our fabric also resists chlorine, so you can even swim in it if you like. It’s a great fabric for swimming, golf or tennis. The response at the Las Vegas PGA Show has been extremely positive. The traffic has been great, and we’re forming a lot of new relationships in the golf community.”

Yaffa Activewear joined veteran golf manufacturers, established brands, up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs who were among the nearly 200 exhibiting companies and brands showing their newest merchandise to interested buyers looking for the perfect mix of popular, trending and new products.

Callaway Golf Apparel took advantage of the PGA Show setting and Las Vegas Fashion Week to showcase their Fall 2019 collection and introduce their Spring 2020 lines. “The PGA Professionals and golf buyers that we connect with here in Las Vegas are the heartbeat of our sales for the next year, so this is an important show for us,” said Alex DePallo, Callaway Golf Apparel Marketing Manager. “We saw great traffic throughout the event, finalized a good deal of business and also created new relationships with several new accounts.”

“The PGA Las Vegas Show is all about connecting with PGA Professionals and people in the golf community, telling our story, and showing our highest-grade leather headcovers and bags to new clients,” said Todd Bishop, co–founder of Dormie Workshop. “This is an ideal show for us, because we can take time to discuss special orders and special projects with current and prospective clients. It has been highly beneficial for us from a networking and new-client perspective.”

New Technology Forum

Jay Karen, CEO of the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), led two technology panel programs on Tuesday, Aug. 13, to improve customer engagement through golf entertainment technology and to boost customer spending and engagement utilizing facility management technology.

“Through the Technology Forum, we are encouraging PGA Professionals and facility owners to utilize the latest technologies to generate new revenue opportunities,” said Karen. “I’m bullish on technology in the golf business because there is so much potential. Most people are using only five percent of the technology available to them, so if we can convince our front-end users to utilize even 30 percent, that represents a significant increase in revenue-generation, and everyone benefits.”

An enthusiastic crowd greeted former PGA Teachers of the Year Mike Malaska (2011) and Mike Adams (2016), and NextGen Golf Senior Director Kris Hart at the Technology Forum on Wednesday, Aug. 14, for a panel discussion covering Technology Best Practices in Teaching and Coaching Golf. Moderated by Golfwrx Golf Gear Drive’s Johnny Wunder, the panelists each emphasized that technology is a valuable tool to assist golf instructors, but is not a replacement for PGA teachers and coaches.

“There is a ton of information out there, but the key is to discover how that information applies to each golfer or student,” noted Adams. “I like to measure everything in the golf swing, which is where technology is a great asset to teachers. Measuring clubhead speed, ball speed etc. eliminates the guesswork from what we are seeing with our eyes as teachers. Then, the job of the teacher is to interpret all that data so the student understands what changes must be made to improve. Technology does not replace the master teacher and never will, but it gives us a method to measure and paves the way to golfer improvement.”

Fashion Show & Networking Party at TAO Nightclub

Tuesday evening, Aug. 13, concluded with the PGA Fashion Show & Industry Party takeover of TAO Nightclub, from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Many of the latest golf lifestyle collections by the industry’s top designers came to life on the runway with music provided by the TAO Nightclub DJ and emceed by Golf Channel’s Bailey Mosier. Live Fashion Show participating brands included: 2UNDR, Callaway Golf Apparel, Chervo S.p.A., Daily Sports, IFGfit, Jofit, Naughty Boy Golf Wear, Original Penguin, Straight Down Clothing Co, Swing Pretty, TZU TZU Sport and Under Armour.

“Great party, great fashion show and great music,” is how PGA Professional Janet Evans of Chandler, Arizona, described the TAO Nightclub event. “That’s what makes coming to the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience in Las Vegas so special. The extra events at night this year are really cool and give everyone a chance to unwind.”

PGA Demo Experience

PGA Professionals and golf retailers previewed and tested the newest innovations from leading golf equipment, technology and accessory companies at the PGA Demo Experience and Closing Reception at Topgolf Las Vegas on Aug. 14. Topgolf Level 1 Hitting Bays featured hands-on equipment testing, while the indoor marketplace and putting green were located in Topgolf’s Central and West Rooms.

Cleveland took advantage of the PGA Demo Experience to offer an exclusive opportunity for event attendees to test the Cleveland CBX-2 wedges, which will be available Aug. 30, and also the Srixon 785 and XXIO 10 drivers, too.

“The PGA Demo Experience was a prime opportunity to connect with PGA Professionals and everyone in the industry,” said Ruben Padilla, Club Fitting Specialist for Cleveland-Srixon-XXIO Golf. “Attendance tonight was extremely good and the event just continues to get better every year.”

“This show is great face-time with PGA Professionals and retailers and, therefore, very valuable,” said Kris Wildenradt, Territory Manager for Mizuno. “It helps us get products into customers hands in a fun, social setting and also comes at a great time because we are launching our new MP20 on September 20 and I can show it off here in an intimate setting.”

Additionally, PGA/LPGA Professionals competed in the Topgolf Tour Qualifier during the PGA Demo Experience for an additional $6,500 PGA Show purse. PGA Show attendees also participated in a putting contest, featuring a $2,500 purse for the top three finishers.

Equipment testing, merchandise sourcing, skills contests and peer networking in the dynamic golf entertainment destination of Topgolf combined for a successful and enjoyable industry event to close the 2019 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience.

Education Conference

Industry experts presented topics ranging from instruction best practices and career growth initiatives to retail success and business solutions during the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience Education Conference, Aug. 13–14. Restructured in 2019, the seminars started and ended earlier each day to give attendees plenty of time to explore the PGA Show floor, interact with exhibiting companies and network with fellow PGA Professionals.

“The education seminars have been exceptional this year, and I like the way the seminars were structured to start and end earlier in the day so we could walk the Show floor and place some orders,” said PGA Professional Robert Trim, who made the trek from the Big Island of Hawaii, where he is head professional at The Club at Hokulia. “The seminar on trends in the golf business and how to market and appeal to millennials was great. Then, I had plenty of time to see what was new on the Show floor and place several orders with vendors we don’t see in Hawaii.”

In all, the comprehensive Education Conference offered more than 20 classroom sessions focusing on teaching and coaching, golf operations and executive management. PGA Professionals were able to earn up to 21 MSR credits, through participation in PGA Education and PGA Fashion & Demo Experience programs.

“I’ve attended the education seminars in Las Vegas the past several years, and they seem to get better every year,” said Courtney Watson, PGA Professional at Mesa Country Club in Chandler, Arizona. “The seminars are also a great opportunity to network with experts in the industry after each classroom session.”

PGA Fashion & Demo Experience Award Winners

Influential PGA Professionals and golf buyers voted one exhibitor new to the PGA Fashion & Demo Experience as the Top Buyers Choice. The 2019 Top Buyers Choice is Goodr sunglasses, the “no–slip, no–bounce, all–polarized, all-fun” fashionable and functional sunglasses. Learn more at Goodr.com.

2020 PGA Shows — Save the Dates

The 2020 U.S. PGA Merchandise Show is scheduled for Jan. 21–24, in Orlando. Visit PGAShow.com for detailed information. The 2020 PGA Fashion & Demo Experience is scheduled for Aug. 11–12 in Las Vegas. Visit PGALasVegas.com for detailed information.


PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions: Sherry Major, (305) 318-5208, smajor@reedexpo.com