May 20, 2019

Bill Ciccotti: Make Simulators Social

Bill Ciccotti, PGA is the Director of Golf at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana.

“The simulator room is set up with comfortable couches, chairs and a wet bar, there are over 100 golf courses that members can choose from, in addition to numerous other activities like skills contests,” says Bill Ciccotti, the Club’s PGA Director of Golf. “We do a great job of emphasizing the social aspect of golf. We encourage our members to use the room before dinner while having appetizers or cocktails. It’s readily available to play a quick closest-to-the-pin contest or a couple of holes of virtual golf while their meal is being prepared.” He said another benefit is having the space for showing movies, hosting events like the Super Bowl, or playing the Yellowstone Club’s own golf course, which the Club had 3D modeled a few years ago.